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  1. July 15th in Britney's life :)

  2. Most Iconic Outfit: INAGNYAW

    Tan shirt and jeans
  3. One of the most tragic things you can do is watch Chaotic followed by For The Record...followed by I am the Femme Fatale (now that was a piece of work)
  4. Before "Get Naked" Brit was...

    I like Womanizer
  5. Before "Get Naked" Brit was...

    I like Womanizer
  6. Which Britney album deserves to be a "visual album"?

    Blackout deserves the world.
  7. People who has been a fan for a long time come here!!!

    I adore Momney. Momney has always had a special place in my heart. Someday is one of my favorite songs and videos. I loved looking at the candids of her with dark hair, pregnant, and holding Sean Preston. I thought she really rocked it and owned it. Remember how we didn't see any pictures of Jayden James for months? Remember how there was serious speculation JJ was named Sutton Pierce?
  8. July 13th in Britney's life :)

  9. What should album 9 be named?

  10. I've always said Danja & Max Martin are her soul mates. I really do not understand the backlash towards the man who essentially help mold the Britney we love.
  11. VMA's 2003 Alternate Angle

    More like a disgrace
  12. I don't understand the hate... I really don't. Does anyone else think it doesn't sound that bad?
  13. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/6157422/britney-spears-alien-trending-140-auto-tune-leak-william-orbit Get that promo