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Veronica the witch

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  1. So I just watched Britney Ever After

    IKR there is so much material to talk about Britney in a movie -show brit as a kid when she was showing interest in singing and dancing -MMC -when britney traveled to New York alone for her casting -when she heard BOMT on the radio for the first time -Britney meeting her idol Madonna - her impact in the music industry - how the paparazzis stalk her -2007 as britney explained it in For the record any way the list goes on and on, they didnt even care about making a decent movie. instead of Britney ever after they should have name it Justiney
  2. No, really - Let's discuss the movie.

    The whole mivie was a mess, but what i really hate is that they made britney look soooo stupid in the movie, that scene were she fell off her car, how she behave with justin, jason and kevin, the 2007 vmas, the photoshoot scene, when she ask for justin reaction after the kiss with madonna,OMG the whole movie, seriously Britney needs to sued so they never show this again
  3. Seriously- what songs do you want in unplugged concert?

    Hard to choose but most songs from glory would be cool Too bad we will never have an unplugged
  4. UPDATE: Sam (most likely) NOT cheating on Brit

    If she is trying to mess with Brit she better get ready for the power of the Army cuz she is going to get drag
  5. Slayber Party Music Video Thread..LINK HERE!!! #Slayed

    Is #2 trending in youtube keep watching guys, lets make it #1 and make everybody aware of the queen flawless video
  6. Just curious - who actually purchased the Slumber Party "remix"

    i like the original better
  7. Movie versions of Britney and The Boys

  8. Video: lifetime filming the umbrella scene

    What the...
  9. Fans reaction at Apple Music - TOMH

  10. at 3:20 does that kid with the captain america shirt got a sign copy of glory? i want to be that kid's mom
  11. I made new NEW emotes! (FROM ELLEN SHOW!)

    love them
  12. Britney or not i still want to see that gif
  13. Britney will sue In Touch!

    Yes Britney, sue their asses girl and please make Wendy Williams be next
  14. Glory seriously deserves to have its own Tropico

    i wish she'll do something like that but there is a 99.8% of chances of thats not going to happen
  15. main page #Glory debut updates! @britneyspears

    i though it was #1 in Mexico too update please