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  1. Everytime I Watch Hiam

    Everytime I watch HIAM (So close to 1m) I see this.... And it scares me. Its only on the screen for like a half a second but it ALWAYS stands out to me and I notice it.
  2. Leotard Apretiation Thread

    people hate everything lol ill pick my battles and the leotards just dont make the list of things i really care about
  3. What The Non-Army Really Thinks Of Pom

    our fav is also capable of things their favs cant even dream up... :dealwitit: ive been hard on her since 07 but i must say ive been very very very happy these days
  4. Leotard Apretiation Thread

    I actually like (most) of them. It DOES feel like thats 95% of what she wears these days however true or not lol.
  5. Heres to hoping cause last night was ahhhh-mazing
  6. Wade Martin - "a Big Feature Coming Soon"

    I dont think they could have missed it lol. They DO seem to be listening to us these days and i just I cant imagine them collaborating at least until after the next album.
  7. Wade Martin - "a Big Feature Coming Soon"

    Honestly it would surprise me if Britney and Will.i.am. collaborate again in the near/foreseeable future.
  8. Not Carly Rose but still a flawless M&G picture.
  9. I Don't Understand...

  10. there are people who dont like it
  11. I'm Not Here For Negativity

    I do have to remind myself that not everyone was already a fan before 2007 and not everyone is accustomed to the same things or initially fell in love with the same things as some of us did lol.
  12. Why Isn't She Dancing As Hard/as Much Anymore?

    I really just dont agree. she was really really stiff at first. go look at primeney. primeney was not stiff she was flowy.
  13. I Totally Got Hated On

    did you kick them out of the car? Diss Brit and walk bitch!
  14. Predict Album 9 Release

    too long. you wanna drive us crazy? lol. Im not the hugest fan of BJ so I feel like i havent really gotten my britney fix since FF. *sigh*
  15. Predict Album 9 Release

    to win. duh. slay. haha. Still hoping for juneish.