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  1. #FreedJoJo

    what is jojo?
  2. Are y'all bottoms?

    a POWER bottom darling... and proud of it
  3. Why is Janet Jackson so underated?

    yesh I think Janet never had a fan base to begin with... she was GP favorite, and we all know that GP changest taste every decade so, bye bye Janet...lol anyway I like her, hope she'll make a comeback, or at least keep releasing despite being a flop
  4. She was a pop force of the 90s, and now she is a huge flop... why? because of her nipple?
  5. I just want this Britney Jean era to be over tbh.

    I love BJ and I'm kinda ok with her not performing any more... I don't know... I want another era like in the zone or at least circus but I doubt she will ever promote a new project like that
  6. Hate

    I hate bitches who get too upset about internet trolls