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  1. 2 tickets Britney in Belgium 15 August 2018

    How much do you want for them

    HOLA HELLO HOI. so, Do you think that for BRIGHTON GAY PRIDE... they are going to make the stage/screens a little larger than previous years? In previous years, way less popular artists have played and the stage has been somewhat small for an artist like Britney. (google it) Do you think there will European tour mech? Superbowl. Maybe it could happen you know. - think about it. if b10 comes out this summer/autumn,... there would be the hype from the U.S/European tour, plus new album, plus 20 years for BOMT. I don't think she would do it alone, but imagine her and Janet Jackson- two female iconic female artists who have both been cast as villains during they careers (Britney during breakdown and Janet after Super Bowl 2004) BOTH now back together on the super bowl stage cheers babe te quiero, mijn kutje bibbert etc
  3. POM on tour


    OK so, Brighton pride has basically turned into a Britney concert, as demand for tickets was so high that the website was down multiple times after the announcement, and all available tickets have been sold in 1 day, until the next round of tickets is released. How fast do you think the other shows will sell? I'm fairly certain she can basically fill the o2 arena in London. 20,000 capacity... London alone population of 8 million... plus people within an hour of London.... 12 million people roughly....I'm just curious how fast they will sell!! I have to wait 4 days from the ticket release date to buy my tickets for the arena show!!! Manchester... I'm sure she can pretty much fill..21,000 capacity. 2.5 million.... population, approx 5 million within an hour of Manchester.. Glasgow I'm not sure how it will sell. If we make the comparison for GAGA.... her UK shows have been on sale for months are there are still tickets available.
  5. European dates when?

    pero que dices chavala? crees que despues de como 3 anos en los EEUU, va a ir a hong kong y todo eso pero no venir a europa? maaadreee miaaaa
  6. European dates when?

    WHEN? PERO CUANDO Eh? stoy aki esperando tio joder vamos danos las putas fechas x mwah x
  7. This fan...

  8. Look at this, it's flawless

    oh shup up
  9. Look at this, it's flawless

    some talented fan has put together this awesome megamix montage of the queen's videos- check it out!
  10. Do you thinkl she will add a U.K date?

    i'm moaning with pleasure and excitement babes x..... are yew? xxx
  11. Anyone planning to see her summer tour?

    what exactly is the point in being that way? I mean you're basically complaining that she doesn't take the time to put together an entirely new tour with completely new stage designs, completely new dance routines, costumes, stage sets, sound technician files, interludes etc etc etc All that to then return to Vegas and to back to the stuff that's already in place. Do you appreciate how much work is involved in that process?? no. so stop complaining. On top of that, most fans in Europe HAVEN'T SEEN PIECE OF ME. So it's their turn. and on top of that, this far into her career, Britney doesn't owe you a tour and a residency. She's established and she's been there and done it and just enjoying herself now. I know I'll be at the London show. you stay in your room and complain. I know who will have more fun.
  12. Do you thinkl she will add a U.K date?

    To the miserable little moaners who are already complaining that it's "just going to be POM abroad" so what if it is? It will be the POM show on a bigger scale for one, as these are much larger venues than the Planet Hollywood. Also, most fans outside the U.S haven't been able to visit Vegas and see POM, so it's their turn! seriously stop looking for stuff to whinge about.
  13. Do you thinkl she will add a U.K date?

    only one response? miserable little flops x
  14. London show? do you see it happening?
  15. 6th date - Paris

    please come to london queen