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  1. Britney Jean (Album) Appreciation Thread

    Apreciate alien with my new poppy mashup https://soundcloud.com/ifuseekme-1/aliens-computer
  2. What is it with the Oops! album in Spotify?

    when i play cant make you love me on spotify, it plays the solo version of make me
  3. What is it with the Oops! album in Spotify?

    that what happened to me, it's so annoying
  4. Would you rather?

  5. your so sweet i dont know how to use gofund me, but I would donate
  6. Rumor: Justin Bieber's New Single "Here For It" Will Feature Britney?!!

    I'm down for it tbh but if we get a copy paste thing like fancy and pretty girls where they sound almost exact, then i'm done
  7. who knew the people at RCA were so dumb I hope some of the old stuff leaks cuz we've been waiting forever
  8. Someone pretended to be Britney Spears‘ manager Larry Rudolph – and got away with over four dozen songs. According to newly surfaced documents obtained by TMZ, the thief impersonated Larry in emails sent to RCA Records, creating a fake email address ([email protected]) and tricking label reps into sending music. The imposter reportedly received 49 digital files. Cops tell TMZ that the suspect got away with 12 tracks intended for Britney‘s Glory, which was released in August of 2016. The Los Angeles Police Department obtained a search warrant back in October of 2016 and June 2017 to search AOL and Microsoft records for the suspect’s email account. There is now a suspect – and he’s an attorney studying intellectual property law at UCLA. http://www.justjared.com/2017/11/30/someone-pretending-to-be-britney-spears-manager-received-49-unreleased-songs-from-her-record-label/ how come I never thought of that to get unreleased songs
  9. Sunset Fantasy

    sadly i think so
  10. Sunset Fantasy

    the secret project has been leaked the dress is the same dress from the in bloom shoot, but recolored i cant
  11. Britney is working on a secret project

    what if its another perfume
  12. LEAK: Hot As Ice (Writer's Demo)

    ok, it was fake lol, i made it with this mess
  13. Britney X Cupcakke Mashup