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  1. he butchered the lyrics but I'm surprised he released a song which is almost 20 for a spotify exclusive
  2. Miley murdered hannah in 2013 jk but for real, she brought 2009 miley back with malibu tho
  3. i mean she's just a basix flop to me who left a girl group so she really doesn't bother me cause I dont see her that much
  4. I have the stems for XO, Baby Boy, & Sweet Dreams (Turn the Lights On WAV Stem)
  5. I think they are real
  6. main page

    I understand, but you all need more mods here who are on the forum frequently to help get rid of bots I know I may not have been the best mod in the past, but we all move on, and I am completely over all the drama from the past #IFUSEEKMEFORMOD
  7. https://soundcloud.com/carlyjepsenslave/katy-perry-passenger
  8. I will forever and always be pissed about this
  9. new mashup
  10. thanks
  11. Also PLEASE leave feedback, it'll help me make better mashups
  12. So I figured why not make a master post with all of my mashups/ remixes instead of making a new thread each time So here is my newest mashup where I fix Ooh La La with the help Giorgio Moroder who produed tom's diner I also recently fixed fixed Pretty Girls with hunger games soundtrack deep cut, All my love
  13. the teens chose the top three and the producers pick the final winner and they really have been amazing to britney the last couple of year