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  1. ok, it was fake lol, i made it with this mess
  2. Thanks
  3. who bumped this thread thats older than madonna
  4. images are gone
  5. its gonna be a bunch of songs remixed with xmas vibes i dont have time to get an acapella of MOWTY
  6. ok since garageband strings are really annoying and have a delay, i'm gonna do a christmas and chill styled xmas album, its gonna have an urban instrumental with little xmas touch
  7. give me some ideas so i can make this album really good so far i have a really rough remix and a demo of a mashup the album is probably gonna be called the Christmas glory or the glory of Christmas, something involving Xmas and christmas suggest songs i should use in this album or any other good xmas bops that i could use for mashups
  8. i bought the hidden fantasy gift set and it didnt have britney on it i was so upset also on a random note, make sure to check out my Acoustic remix of MATM
  9. the gift sets are the best
  10. if you get the gift sets or from online stores like amazon they arent so expensive. i got a gift set of hidden fantasy for $25
  11. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vBd716CDOrVbOnp5ZJNnU2dYgpkP-kxbP9hSNeSC-o8/edit hmu if you have anything by artists on my list
  12. she should have sold the intimate collection outtakes to them, she could have made a good buck. also i think for a while they stopped putting nudes in it so it could have worked but she definitely shouldnt do a whole shoot for it