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  1. reminds me of the matm costume from the onyx tour with the hat
  2. omg i had no idea her voice could still sound so low like it did in the BOMT time days i'm completely shook
  3. sis stems have been leaking so much recently, be grateful
  4. oh i'll probably do an ebay auction tbh since i dont know how high would be too high, i'm a bit greedy
  5. why wouldnt you buy it from urban outfitters, i'm gonna be rasing the price up alot so i can make a large profit
  6. i'm gonna buy two, one for myself and one to sell in about 5 months
  7. its unique tbh, i wish she wore more things that were not leotards
  8. wtf did i do in all this i just said yall were really messy which is true
  9. messier than artpop, AKA, Me i am mariah, and brenda joan
  10. yall are messy AF
  11. croppola for pictures and ezgif for gifs