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  1. Please Help Us :(

    You should promote this especially on FB, Twitter, and let LGBT websites know you're in serious need, I'd also go more into detail maybe of why you were kicked out. It would maybe make more people give to you. I wish I had the money to help but unfortunately going through money issues right now. Good luck and stay strong sis!
  2. Would You Like To See Britney Get Roasted?

    No. Personally I think it would end up just hurting her after everything she went through. She has a great personality and is fun, but I just don't think she would take the really mean horrible things they say at roasts. She doesn't need that. Now Britney pre-breakdown? She could probably handle it. I don't think so much now. I love the Queen and I would never want her to have to relive that stuff. She was in a very dark place in 2007 and you know that is what the drags would be about...and it isn't funny.
  3. Is Anyone Else Watching Crossroads?

    I was watching it earlier when it was on Fuse! I was so excited
  4. The Official One Direction Thread

    I'm so ready for Four!
  5. The Official One Direction Thread

    Harry slays me
  6. J.Lo on the cover of Billboard Magazine.

    she's so gorgeous
  7. My bf cheated on me what do I do

    Definitely dump him and move on, trust me. Don't waste anymore time on him. If he cheated once, he'll do it again and he obvs didn't care enough to not hurt you.
  8. Why do my jordan threads keep getting DELETED?

    Do we really need anymore Jordan threads? Pleaseeee just let him go back to being irrelevant. I see no point in anymore Jordan threads.
  9. I knew I always liked her, good for Taryn
  10. Whats your Fave Britney Era ?

    Britney era was so bad ass and then the Oops era
  11. Past layouts

    They are both amazing but the first one SLAYS
  12. United Britney Army!

    I can't wait for the main page to have a new theme
  13. The Official One Direction Thread

    1. name - Frederick 2. girl/boy? - Boy 3. age? - 22 4. how did you become a fan of 1d? - I saw the music video for WMYB and loved them instantly 5. fave 1d member? Harry/Louis (hard to choose really) 6. fave 1d song? Strong 7. fave 1d video? LWWY 8. fave 1d album? Take Me Home 9. fave ship/bromance? Larry 10. fave performance? idk really I love all their performances so thats super hard