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  1. Omg It Finally Happened! :crying2:

    congrats! now you're a pretty girl too
  2. The Reviews For Pg Mv

    Everyone who doesn't like the song or the video isn't a pretty girl, obviously
  3. Best Piece Of Me Outfits?

    I hope there will be a complete new outfit for the circus segment... I hate this one ..
  4. Psychics Say New Album Will Be Like Bj!

    she can't be that good if she's doing this bs on youtube
  5. Britney Was Born In Mississippi.

    born and raised in Salzburg, Austria oachkatzalschwoaf
  6. There's No Denying...

  7. This M And G From Last Night Though

    this time it just feels like she is really getting A LOT better I'm so happy for her. Charlie seems to be the perfect man
  8. I Dont Want To Brag... But

    who is Elizabeth Arden tbh?
  9. Best Britney Perfume?

    thank y'all so much I guess I'll go for fantasy twist Has anyone ever bought perfumes on amazon? Because I can't find them anywhere else, but I heard that there are a lot of fakes on amazon
  10. On My Way....

    I wanna go so bad I already started to save money ... I hope I will have enough before the residency ends
  11. Best Britney Perfume?

    my best friends birthday is in a few weeks, and I decided to buy her a perfume. Of course it has to be a Britney perfume Unfortunately they don't sell them in stores in my flop country so I can't try them... Please help what is the best?
  12. Today I Was Sunbathing With My Friend And

    I forced all of my friends to like Britney, and now they do
  13. Why Gp Is Being So Hard On Britney?

    they just don't like to see that she has recovered from her breakdown Britney is so nice to everyone and never says a bad thing, true queen
  14. The New Registered Songs

    Maybe we'll get her most personal album this time
  15. Illuminatiney Thread <3

    Thank you for your explanation but I just can't believe all this stuff I mean they are seeing symbols in everything, there's nothing you can do without it being a symbol of satan or something like that Sorry for my bad english