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  1. Great... so we have her because the USA don't want her. You lucky people
  2. And?
  3. What?
  4. I love Clean Bandit! Yes!
  5. Does anyone else find her really annoying? She seems to always be on TV advertising a yogurt. I stopped watching X Factor because of her, I hope she's not on the next series. Her Britney impression was lame. Is she annoying everywhere or just the UK?
  6. I voted The Jonathan Ross Show because it was in the UK
  7. I'll just have to dream about it instead
  8. main page

    It's ok, hope everything is going well
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. I don't agree, I still love love it
  11. I hope we get more singles/videos!
  12. Nahhhh not a fan
  13. Yeah I think they are both official as well