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  1. So, judging from this fiasco / meltdown...

  2. Do You Wanna Come Over Is Here!!!

    #Dead Love how fucking weird this whole album is... Omg i know im a moron, but I'm worried that we have too much, After we get all tracks I have to wait 2 years again I wish artists didnt make albums but just constantly released songs
  3. The Big MMO Leaks Discussion Topic

    Don't want to listen to the leaks but is it the same song that was in the dancers rehearsal clip?
  4. Performed Lonely in Drag

  5. Lol. Thanks for the laugh!
  6. Rate Pom Revamped Show

    10/10 so slayed! Best show!!
  7. Is this even real life? I mean come on Britney!!!! Your killing me
  8. it always starts at 9:15 vegas time!!! AHHHHHHHH 1 MIN left!!!!!!
  9. 13 MIN!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH cant wait for he slayage thats about to happen!!!!
  10. This Is How I Feel About This Year's Superbowl

    That's all they could get for the 50th Super Bowl? Lol
  11. Maybe A Hint? Or Its Just Me Hearing Things..

    He's saying hashtag I wanna sleep!