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  1. Something Has Changed Within Me , Something Is Not The Same

    I really don't understand why this music video delay of ALL THINGS is what is causing people to freak out... I mean, can we even call it an actual delay? Did her team EVER give the release date? We are getting our first live performance in fucking forever and people are melting down threatening to leave the BArmy because the music video wasn't released when they assumed it would be. It's not like she canceled the video or the performance or said she hated us. Chill.
  2. New Women's Health Picture!

    Yay! She looks great!
  3. She looks genuinely happy in these!!!!!!!
  4. Pic That Describes Brit & Taylor Drama!

    This silly because most of us were kids or teens when Britney was topping the charts.
  5. It's pretty hard to think of a question that isn't stupid (ie. what's your favourite cookie), but will make it past her team. I'm trying but MAN
  6. Look How Much Of A Change

    I'm gonna be honest and say I think that her eyebrows are so much better now than they have been in forever and they really shape/frame her face nicely. I think that helps a lot, along with the new makeup. Cause she's always been beautiful.
  7. main page New Lingerie Photoshoot Picture

    She looks beautiful, but does anyone else think it looks like a drawing? Was this purposeful or..?
  8. Pre-Recorded Tracks

    In the earlier performances of her career, Britney and her team used to pre-record tracks for her tours and performances (ie. Onyx) to make it sound different than the CD and at least a little live. I know that there's no point in trying to convince people that she's singing live anymore, but it was always nice to have a performance that sounded a little different than the CD. Does anyone know why they stopped? Is it just too time consuming for Britney now that she has a family?
  9. Wow she looks incredible!
  10. I love her without makeup (ie. without a ton of eyeliner)! But she's free to do as she chooses!!!! Looking good!
  11. This Should Be In The Pom Setlist

    Yeah, I don't think adding ballads that she's not going to sing live is a good idea. Not only that, but it would be weird to see a grown woman in her 30s singing about not being a girl or a woman LOL. Here for Overprotected, TOMH/BOM, and HIAM, though!!
  12. main page July 27Th- Britney And David Go To Lunch

    Lookin good, Britney!!!!
  13. main page July 24th- Britney at Starbucks

    She looks so young here!!!!
  14. I want to hear Britney sing live even if....

    I think I peed a little when it happened (kidding obviously). TERRIFYING WTF LOL
  15. It is looking SOO much healthier these days!