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  1. Soundboard audio of Britney: Live in Concert

    @Turn Ya Head, is that a members only no new members type of site? I feel like I used to visit a while back and checked it recently and wasn't permitted.
  2. Soundboard audio of Britney: Live in Concert

    Thank you for sharing
  3. Circus Tour DVD

    Its fan made, but done incredibly well. Britney FM store . On Facebook. Members only , I think? Not sure, but its better then nothing and well done in art and packaging
  4. Circus Tour DVD

    Thanks, I just ordered a Circus Dvd online, what timing
  5. Fanta of Love: The Official Universe Song Rate (pt 2)

    Me too please, is there a list of songs made ready, or do we type them ourselves?
  6. Coupure Électrique appreciation thread

    Love the song. Not a fan of the remixes, however. I love when she does "weird" stuff.
  7. That first song makes me want to kick you for reminding me of an such awful bullshit excuse for a song. Ugh Fuck them all. Timbaland and Timbersnatch can eat a barrel of dicks.
  8. Check out this tweet by Vulture

    Poison. Dead
  9. I can't wait for this performance!
  10. Im really unaware of the piece of me break you guys speak of. Anywhos I am very excited for this!!!!
  11. Britney shot for Elle Mag!

  12. Look what arrived for me on her birthday!

    I have my set and the stand alone disc with music vid version too! So nice
  13. Oh God... Is this real?

    Who is he?