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  1. Slay! I thought only us online fans referred to her past as "prime Britney" but then again we call her "primeney." If I was interviewed I'd be like yeah primeney is awesome and they'd be like "what?"

    I can't picture a face or voice to that piece of trash so NEXT!
  3. Thank you for posting this. I've been into charts and stuff for a year now. And a big thank you to closeted Britney fans for streaming the shit out of this immaculate collection of bops. The straights for secretly purchasing this album and hiding it from their girlfriends. The grandmas bopping their pussy to this when home alone. The jealous bitches saying they hate it but really love it. The grandpas going fishing and placing the Blackout disc in a Garth brooks album to be inconspicuous. Last but never the least, THE FANS! Shameless bitches you, loving Britney like kind-hearted angels! Thank you!
  4. After reading what Neemz said to Britney in his meet & greet, I just saw how Britney already feels like she has a 20 year-long career already. But it's not until October 2018 though since her debut was 1998 not 1997. She'll be fed up with the whole 20 year milestone when it actually comes around.
  5. I Finally Took a Shower!

    No, I just cracked my head
  6. I Finally Took a Shower!

    Yesterday, i performed the entire BOMT music video choreography in the shower! It was so fun. I think the neighbors were looking to see me naked or something. When I shower next month I will dance to TOMH. I hope i slay the blackflip like BBMAney and not like Apple Festivalney lol
  7. Maybe you hate Perfume official video but still...

    Yes bitch, this song slays whether the video sucks or not *cough cough make me video*
  8. So... (about youtube)

    I'm gonna act like I know what that shit means.
  9. Spearitual Sundays

    I'm not religious
  10. Can You Be Gay and Asexual at the Same Time?

    Slay you smart! I think I'll join you. We're demisexuals
  11. What Would Happen?

    Later on she's interviewed: "I didn't know they left." Lmao
  12. I'm gay, I love men. I find them attractive but I think sex is overrated sometimes. Maybe I haven't found someone who excites me or I'm just not interested in a quick feel good moment. idk.
  13. Will Physical Album Sales Ever Improve?

    I somewhat agree. The quality of the music is what's more important of course but all the charts and certifications is just fun to have. Same with Sports with all their stats, same with Box Office films with their amounts and comparisons of the highest grossing this and that. It's almost like betting/gambling, you hope your favorite artist gets that number 1 album or single so you can win and feel happy about it.
  14. What Would Happen?

    Larry can interview us outside and we can be like "We wanna see live singing, better outfits, better choreos, until then, WE OUT!"
  15. New Britney hoodie on Urban Outfitters

    What's the fucking price? Are they trying to make us broke? I'd be into her merchandise more if they really went all out on designs and photos. I really wish they'd use photoshoot outtakes or underrated photoshoots for the clothes. This image is from Vegas/Glory era. Like give us something new.