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  1. Happy Birthday Brit_Love!

  2. Britney Eating... [Updated]

    awww Jason i loved that guy!
  3. main page #britneymuseumflowers @britneyspears

    yay!! my name is on that card!!! i hope she loved them!!
  4. Britney And Larry! #alsicebucketchallenge

    hehehe this was hilarious!
  5. main page Britney Does The Ice Bucket Challenge!

    omg we needed that F word!!!
  6. she really looks amazing
  7. i dont know how i feel about it all sometimes i would love for them to be together sometimes i wanna kill JT sometimes i dont really care
  8. Jayden Broke His Arm

    awww poor thing!
  9. seee she looks soo cute and happy!!
  10. main page New Lingerie Photoshoot Picture

    she looks amazing but damn what did they do to her nose!?!?!?
  11. New Picture! Is This Real?

    thats does not look like her belly