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  1. Knowing Team Britney and RCA, they probably won't have any smart, strategic, plans to create hype, anticipation, and buzz around Britney and her single.
  2. I really hope she does! She can do it if she truly wanted to. Her team needs to bump up the promo this era and make promo negotiations with RCA and other companies!!
  3. (New) Bomt Hq Pic

  4. Yup, I remember that. Both 104 KRBE and 95.7 bad mouthed her for it.
  5. When I first heard it, I cringed because I thought it sounded pretty bad. I think everyone has mixed feelings about this. A lot of people think it doesnt sound that bad but a lot of people are like "Wtf?" Yea, it's fucked up of them to play to on air. This radio station is one of the biggest in Texas too :/
  6. The chick said "it doesn't sound that bad" but the guy was like "Are you kidding? It sounds horrible!!" They don't display seconds and minutes on this player but it comes up kind of in the beginning. They made fun of the vocals again after talking about her car getting egged. Here is the podcast: http://hothits957.cbslocal.com/2014/07/10/hot-show-podcast-071114/
  7. Rise Alien Rise! From #770 to #533 On Itunes!

    Britney's team needs to release it as a single.
  8. Wait, Wtf at Spearleaders though? It's the fucking Britney Army!!
  9. Britney's Team...

    I agree, but we all know that they aren't going to do shit.
  10. I think it's serious. The general public already makes fun of her for not being able to sing and now they see actual evidence of her .. not so great vocals. I'm way more worried about her credibility as an artist now Britney's team needs to get up off their asses and do a PR move ASAP! Am I overreacting?
  11. July 4th in Britney's life :)

    Love these threads!