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  1. Sanke in the video➡ Taylor colab confirmed
  2. Glory first week sales

    It was too good to be true
  3. Glory first week sales

    This is so confusing Will make me streams and sales going to be included in first week sales I dont get it Ps,clumsy,mm > 30 milion streams already/1,500-20,00/SEA 150,000 track sales/10-15,000 TEA So already 35,000+pure sales(?)+in 2 weeks this numbers will be even bigger Could this be possible??please tell me if I'm wrong ?
  4. PETITION: RCA - Change the #Glory album cover!

    Are u kidding me,like really
  5. GLORY

  6. He's talking over Britney!

    Who the fuck is he Did he said " shat my pants"
  7. ATTENTION!!!!!

    Im just good Samaritan,fully devoted to Godney
  8. ATTENTION!!!!!

    When i saw it I was like and deleted my skype account
  9. ATTENTION!!!!!

    He have a small dick thats all im going to say
  10. ATTENTION!!!!!

    Maybe he really did. Woow this makes me proud to be whore that I am
  11. ATTENTION!!!!!

    Not sure, i mean, he said that he did ,but i dont trust him,btw later he askd me if i want him to buy "One Dance " instead of "make me"
  12. ATTENTION!!!!!

    You should all be like me
  13. Make Me predicted first week sales of 90K

    WAIT.... how can cheap trills sold more copies,it's not even in top 3