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  1. main page Britney On "E" News

    cause youre beautiful!!! drop dead!!!! beautiful!!!
  2. Work Bitch Zumba Choreo, Check this out

    i like it like it!!!, very cool
  3. June 22nd in Britney's life :)

    2011 i was there, so perfect!!!!

    i like the ideaaa!! sadly we'll never know
  5. Supercute pix that will make your heart melt <3

    adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously her kids are her priority now, its amazing to see her truly happy with them!!! and JJ is really a mini Britney!!!!
  6. 9. Christina Aguilera standing next to ethereal legend and actual God, Britney Spears. no lies detected
  7. New gif of rehearsals

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOW!!! so perfect!!!!!
  8. Dolph Ziggler keeps stanning

    wow!! he's one of us, he's in the b- army !! ;D
  9. main page New Britney Tweet + Picture!

    if she's happy im happy too!!!!
  10. yes !!! i remember liveney at her best!!!!!