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  1. I'd just like to point one thing out... (raw Alien)

    Actually for Auto-Tune to work you have to sing in the right key But just because this leaked, doesn't mean the vocals in this are the same vocals as the official version, which I'm pretty sure they're not.
  2. This Girl Needs To Get Her Life Together.

    Omgsh thats crazy, still wearing the same hat I see
  3. This Girl Needs To Get Her Life Together.

    I never thought of that! I hope she still got up close one on one pics tho too just to be extra greedy
  4. The girl in this picture with Britney: what is she wearing though O_O How is she just standing there on her phone when Britney freaking Spears is right there in front of her!? I don't even care if they are friends, if I were her I'd be asking Britney to take some innocent self pictures together and hold the camera button down and take like $50,000 worth of meet & greets for free. P.S. for some reason Britney reminds me of Celine Dion in that pic
  5. Your top played artist ?

    Yas Mariah!
  6. Do you feel sorry for Robin Thicke?

    He's sleazy and gross, but his wife should come back, spend his money and go.
  7. main page Britney's i'm bored instagram video!

    This made my day today!
  8. #2 One Million Points Contest

  9. Automatic Sperm Extractor introduced at Chinese Hospital

    Ew that's disgusting, I feel like this is just an excuse for like a sex toy
  10. How do you dance in a club?

    Like this: Kidding I don't like to go to clubs I always feel like Britney at a meet & greet.
  11. Calling all bottoms

    LOL Mariah's probably the most classiest celeb there is
  12. Was that really Britney on Top of the Pops?

    It's just editing haha it's both Britney
  13. Oh my gosh I actually cringed. LOL how embarrassing
  14. Calling all bottoms

    Please seek class people.
  15. Me. I am Flopage...the Elusive Chart Success

    Is this place slowly turning into exhale? If you're all going to only care about sales, then you better start finding a new fave before album 9.