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  1. RT @ygent_official: #BLACKPINK’s #ASIFITSYOURLAST MV Hits 200 Million Views on @YouTube! https://t.co/k3ySJgSqpU #RANKEDNUMBERONE #MOSTLOVE…

  2. RT @minxiepop: this is so bad the k-pop gays lied to me https://t.co/JJtvIYmXB6

  3. watch charli scrap the mitape too for leaking her stuff one more time you little fuckers can not wait a week

  4. RT @UMJlSPEARS: https://t.co/uf8Y6qB8aI

  5. Marissa in the tell me you love me video I’m sorry Demi but I’m no watching this shit.

  6. @jinsouldaiIy Well they should from now on https://t.co/cGILgEiLjU

  7. Ammm did you know that... ammm I nee cock https://t.co/8KbUk9tYWw

  8. https://t.co/SLnaL2OeXo

  9. @lovatocharts @IslandRecords @RepublicRecords @ Luis Fonsi's label not Demi's

  10. @misstarslover_ @PopCrave @ddlovato Get money and dick bitch. Goals ahhhh my fucking fave

  11. What was Jackson doing there? asdsfhjk that was so random

  12. @misstarslover_ @tvtelehit @ddlovato She had to take a plain to the UK right after her performance

  13. RT @rtyourgirlgroup: stan loona https://t.co/rRfLfdPeN2

  14. RT @minxiepop: BTS performing at AMAs meanwhile Blackpink is somewhere trapped in a basement with no album out https://t.co/KdNWUBgTkN

  15. kpop saved unless its another coloring book fuck em https://t.co/igb1MhwqrZ