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  1. Happy Birthday ToxicSlave1294!

  2. Choose

  3. [Quiz] Guess The Britney Spears Song By The Obscure Lyric!

    i got 19/20 95% stupid soda pop lol
  4. Best Cover By Britney

    my prerogative
  5. Best ''lesser Known'' Britney Tune?

    what its like to be me
  6. Me too, I'll be 20 in December
  7. Best Britney Spears Perfume

    Fantasy is my favorite. I also really like Midnight Fantasy and Hidden Fantasy
  8. What The Fu.ck Is This?

  9. Which Of Britney's Certified Videos Is Your Favorite?

  10. Update. Britney Art 2003. - Please Comment! <3

    I think it looks amazing so far.
  11. Banana - the cake

    Wow, thats amazing! It looks so real
  12. Britney being shady about NSYNC

    i think she was just joking
  13. my yearbook quote

  14. K Fed Spends Father's Day With His 6 Kids.....

    Holy crap! He needs to know what birth control is And just noticed this but none of his kids look like him. They all take after their mothers