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  1. New V magazine outtake

    She's gorgeous
  2. main page June 21 - New Candids

  3. Quicksand makes me feel weird

    I like quicksand a lot I feel that way about "Trouble" tho
  4. I feel like they're very close and that's why she has some of the same dancers return for every show
  5. OLD Blind Gossip about Britneys tummy (2006)

    A lot of the time it's not a choice, my bf's brother's wife (lol) had to get a c-section done
  6. Sorry But the Girl in the LMFAO Video

    looks like a tranny nothing like Brit
  7. adam adam adam.....

    The only issues Brit has are the covers she's on
  8. My bf cheated on me what do I do

    omg bb I'm so sorry just dump him
  9. Unpopular opinions

    I think onyxney's body is sexier than dwadney's body
  10. Unpopular opinions

    I hate radar (the song) love the video
  11. Britney's best award show outfits

    dat sexy body
  12. Have you guys even seen this old photos of Brit?

    omg she looks like a Disney princess
  13. If Only Jive Didn't Die Tbh...

    RCA was basically Jive, the name changed.