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  1. Single 3 CONFIRMED!!!!

    I love the song but it would be an utter failure
  2. Take Off leaks in full!

    I like it a lot! totally sounds like something that would have been on in the zone ?
  3. This "new" Slumber Panty version with TINASH!T is.....

    Dude, I hate it too, But its just not that important! its a damn song! Who cares if they didn't remix it the way we wanted, grow up! #Priorities
  4. WHAT B.S. IS THIS??!!!

    I just didn't buy the remix i still have the original And my life isn't destroyed because of it these reactions to a damn remix are embarrassing
  5. Not impressed why would anyone think it's a good idea to have Britney singing less ill stick with the original
  6. I just hope the remix is worth the the buy and isn't just a lil ft. In the middle and that's it. basically I'm looking for musical changes, a true remix not just vocal additions
  7. Coupure Electrique

    I effin love this song
  8. Why does Britney insist on having her hair look like she just rolled out of bed?

    I like liar ill pick whatever track I want
  10. I hope not britney is allowed to be alone on her own music i don't even know who this woman is, nor do I care
  11. Why do people hate the FF era?

    Because everyone is entitled to their opinions and they don't enjoy it
  12. when did you fall in love with britney?

    When I was 14 watching her baby one my time tour after meeting her that day at the mall with a friend, he dragged me to the show and I've been obsessed ever since that magical night
  13. What's your favorite song from BRITNEY JEAN right now?

    I don't understand the question? favorite? britney jean?