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  1. Im in love with this instrumental

    Yass, I just need another Sexney song , and no will I Flop would be amazing too, they already know that tbh
  2. Im in love with this instrumental

    why , I wouldnt want another album produced by Danja but one or two songs produced by him for next album would be amazing for me
  3. I love to listen this instrumental Danja dropped and that it was supposed to be for Britney Jean , man this is awesome, it would've slayed me so hard tbh
  4. Best Britney Workout Songs

    I love working out to Kill The lights and Break the Ice on repeat tbh
  5. Album Songs you wish were Singles?

    Shattered God
  6. Omg I LOVE UNIVERSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love it here too
  7. released a few years ago , is called Quicksand, listen if u haven`t
  8. scream & shout at the club

    im drunk tbh but im still here checking slayuniverse because ily guys
  9. scream & shout at the club

    im at a club and theyre playing scream & shout, its slaying tbh everyone loves it, Britney Bitch!!!
  10. Do you dance to britney in the shower?

    I always put my iphone speaker with Trouble when im in the shower
  11. how could he say that were not toys
  12. so happy tu see u guys are staying here aswell