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    I'm a Godney Warrior!
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  1. The Official 2016 Britney BBMAs Coverage Thread

  2. Happy Birthday kasavas!

  3. I made this challenge, why do you act like it's yours? #britneygalaxychallenge ? seriously? wtf BriteyGalaxy. Really not cool. This is giving me Jordan teas
  4. main page Britney`s National Dog Day Post

    Where is Hanna? Is she one of them?
  5. Britney Posts About Marriage Equality In The Us?

    who are you and why did you get a stunning pic with 2011ney
  6. I Totally Forgot Britney Was In This Music Video

    I really don't like how she looks like in this vid
  7. Britney's New Generation Fans

    What's a fight song
  8. Never Seen Before Meet & Greet Picture.

    He's obviously still joking. :juggingu:
  9. Because she deleted the Pretty Girls single cover.
  10. Never Seen Before Meet & Greet Picture.

    He's obviously joking.
  11. I need to know the date of your sig, she looks fucking flawless
  12. Ombré-Ney Was Life >>>>

    I agree. I loved the black one at first, but I miss this one.
  13. Never Seen Before Meet & Greet Picture.

    Oh my God, I've seen it. The girl with the black shirt is Kalomira. A huge Britney fan (well, at least she was some years ago, now she loves Beyonce) and she's famous in Greece. This is how she looks like now: You'll be in shock.