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  1. Disappointed AF tbh

    Lol I don’t need stems I was just sayin what I need is the martyrdom of st Britney Spears Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Disappointed AF tbh

    Were you a member or lurking Exhell or did you join us after the great migration to UniHeaven?
  3. Disappointed AF tbh

    Because the forum felt like hell It gave me anxiety on a daily basis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Disappointed AF tbh

    they were not good times at all tho
  5. Disappointed AF tbh

    Valetgirls It's really hard to put into words his flawlessness I don't know how to do that and although we are so happy to have you guys now its kinda sad that you werent here for some of the old forum stuff. this community has had a lot of people who left a mark and drama that happened, going back to the old site and forum we used to talk in (which im not going to promote but you can pm me about). Maybe for one of my spearitual sermons i am going to reflect on some of the interesting things we have seen and dealt with in this online community such as the Jordan drama, Luis hack, and even Aliceney
  6. Disappointed AF tbh

    I'm not missing stems bb, I just meat that as an example of something super rare that everyone has (as opposed to this fan made album that was shared with everyone in the forum) lol
  7. Disappointed AF tbh

    I know, I sent him a message on soundcloud.. and then I saw that he uploaded something :disagreewitchu: but he didnt reply to my message he really was flawfree and it was so sad when he decided to leave us
  8. Disappointed AF tbh

    TBH I am very disappointed with everyone on here for not being able to help me with the Martyrdom of St Britney Spears files like I could choose someone at random and ask for some obscure stem and they would prob have it but an album that one of our former most popular member ValetGirls made and posted a thread about, which was a masterpiece--- like NO ONE has it? that just doesnt make sense to me i only dont have it anymore because I got a new computer a long time ago, but it was on previous computer which stopped working all of the sudden! and I still had it on my phone but i got a phone upgrade too tbh i thought the link would be forever in that thread but its not there anymore AND NO ONE HERE STAYED IN TOUCH WITH FLAWLESS VALETGIRLS??? I NEED MARTYRDOM OF ST. BRITNEY SPEARS IN MY LIFE YALL!! WHAT DO I NEED TO DO (i'll probably do it) TO START A MASSIVE SCAVENGER HUNT FOR THOSE FILES?? Please help me fill this void in my life I still love yall tho
  9. New Instagram Post (December 22nd)

    Not exactly. Dreamers are young adult immigrants who were brought here from any country as children some with a temporary visa that expired or no visa. Some dreamers were brought here as babies and know nothing else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. New Instagram Post (December 22nd)

    This is going to be the topic of my Spearitual Sunday sermon I’m so proud of her for standing up for dreamers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 2018 could be a good year for Britney

    We’ll have to wait and see Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. My dear children of UniHeaven For today's sermon I want to talk to you about Britney. Not about her career, her personal life, or RCA or rumors. Just Britney. How I think we all perceive her spirit and what makes her truly special and unique as a person. but before I do so, please light your vanilla candles, we must recite the holy prayer I think we can all agree that Britney is the most humble and genuinely sweet celerity in Hollywood Every celeb who knows her has nothing but sweet things to say about her except for salty bitches like xtinctina whose opinions no1 curr and I dare anyone to link to any article where Britney says something mean or petty about anyone else. I'll wait. You can't can you? and actually, this is the #1 reason I think Britney is not like other humans. Because, especially in Hollywood, where the culture almost demands that you use drama for publicity, and pits women against each other to the point where they feel threatened and have to put each other down, Britney has never ever done that. Please just like think about how hard that would be to maintain if the good girl thing was an act. if it wasn't 100% natural to her Think about all the female and male celebs who are actually cool and have a good girl or guy image who have fallen for that trap, and Britney never has. I mean, that's almost like not human. Think about how often YOU think or say something catty about someone else, even if they deserve it. Like Whoredan for example. He is a common enemy to us, and we LOVE bashing him because he deserves it especially because of how he colluded with Satan Lufti. But even if she KNEW what we know about him, she would never stoop to that level. WE ARE LESS THAN! THAT IS WHY SHE IS GODNEY NOT BECAUSE OF HER RECORD SALES NOT BECAUSE OF HER ICONIC CHARACTERS NOT BECAUSE OF HER LONGEVITY SHE IS GODNEY BECAUSE SHE IS LITERALLY PUREST PERSON SHE IS LIKE JESUS CHRIST REINCARNATED she doesn't have a single bad thought about anyone and she loves everyone. That to me, is the biggest reason why even if her career became even more dead than the BJ era, even if her music became worse than chillin witchu I could never stop loving her. Because of her holy spearit. Sincerely, Pope Mari
  13. Spearitual Sunday Service -12/10/17

    wait... nooooo!!!! I feel so dead inside right now omg
  14. Hello children of Uniheaven! I have a very special Spearitual Sunday sermon for you today, but first let us light our vanilla candles and recite the Holy prayer: My sermon to you today is about that little rumor that Britney is leaving RCA that rumor that has ignited a little spark of hope in me, hope for a Better era in this coming year and even tho there are no hints as to which label she would go to, I've done some thinking and I would like us all to collectively pray that she ends up with Interscope!! here's why! If you know something about marketing/advertising you can kinda see a trend in the promotional strategies and even in the kind of culture that exists in different record labels. You can tell what they value and what they allow their artists to do. Columbia for example is a label that would be great for Britney, if she still had the reputation of someone like Beyoncé, because it seems like everyone at Columbia is doing really well. HOWEVER it is important that we don't kid ourselves as far as how the world views Britney at this point WE love and respect Britney, WE know that she still has it, that intuition of whats works, her artistic vision was on point in Glory, and it was seriously such a waste of an AMAZING album when it came to her promotion. this is not to say that 1 or 2 things from the era weren't good. but overall I think we can all agree that RCA does not know what they're doing with her. They have far too long promoted her like she's RuPaul FFS because they have a really shallow view of her demographic. But here's why she would not do well in a label like Columbia: She doesn't want to promote enough to even try to be a #1 pop girl. and at this point in her career she doesn't have to! Glory is very similar to Britney's unreleased material and I can only imagine that it didn't get released because it was not considered radio friendly enough. But here's the thing, that's what people love nowadays! Now you look at a label like Interscope: who do they represent? Lana Del Rey, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar... all of those artists barely do any promotion, have very experimental sounds that are not exactly radio friendly. As someone with a marketing degree, I believe the reason they can sell well without much promo, is because the promo they do is in media channels that are more underground and not saturated with top charting artists. The lack of competition in those channels makes their promotions more impactful, and its almost like being promoted that way makes them more edgy and mysterious and cool. At the end of the day the GP are sheep, and if you tell them someone is cool, they are cool. The problem is no one is saying that about Britney anymore right? so please, , join me today to pray that Britney signs with Interscope, or at least with a record label that allows her to create another amazing album, that doesn't pressure her to be on top again, and just allows her to execute her dark and edgy artistic vision with her promotional material such as music video (*cough*flopfume ,makeme*cough*) And as a final note, please know that I am here for anyone who wants to talk or confess their sins! I am your friend Godney Bless you all
  15. Spearitual Sunday Service 10/22/17

    I am sorry bb, for my absence from duty I promise to get back to my spearitual work here in Uniheaven. HOWEVER, you must take responsibility for your sins as well especially given the multiple times they were committed to atone for these sins, i advise you to light 3 vanilla candles and play Everytime, NAGNYAW, and Hold On Tite Then you will be forgiven Godney bless you