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  1. something tells me @HeadstrongWolf set his birthday for today even tho it's not actually his birthday happy birthday bb's!! what a great date to be born in
  2. My curious perfume, Chaotic dvd and my phone with all Britney's albums in it
  3. waiting for xtintina to have a hit album like ha self-titled 1st album and stripped is like waiting for Trump to make America great again don't hold ya breath bb
  4. IM SCREAMING!! the shade on the lessers was amazing
  5. I think you took this thread entirely too seriously
  6. FIRST OF ALL BITCH I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME READ THAT TINY ASS FONT SECOND OF ALLL JUST KIDDING I LOVE YOU & YOUR WEIRDASS THREADS!! i live for them but seriously, that story was entertaining af and to answer your question, Jamie Lynn still goes there abouuuuuttt once a year I'd say I wish I lived there so i could just casually run into her with my authentic zoey 101 backpack that she used in an episode I got it at this store in Burbank, LA that sells items of clothing donated by tv shows and movies the friend who took me there goes to church with vanessa hudgens and austin butler but I digresss you're so lucky you're a star
  7. she sounds beautiful I got so used to it that it stopped bothering me but hearing this just makes me wonder why she refuses to sing live anymore
  8. main page

    Can't see the photo
  9. 100% not gonna happen
  10. #JUSTICE4BETTER !!!!!
  11. I wish she would film this exact video with Brad Pitt
  12. I will be there & someday (I will Understand)
  13. sooo catchier than Britney Jean? that would be correct