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  1. I was wondering that too... I wish Britney would make a Chaotic part 2 with ha sons
  2. I'm here for it because it probably means she will stop promoting her old hits, Broadway will promote them for her. And if she chooses to continue her career it will be promoting new music which is REALLY a what she should be doing
  3. She probably feels like the met gala is just like, nothing but an event for superficial attention whores and she would rather be home with her kids especially with her social anxiety She would probably step on it and trip or tear the lacey fabric but she should do a photo shoot in it
  4. Send to me too tbh
  6. there are tons of marketing flops made all the time by people who are professionals in their field because they think they understand the demographics of some product or in this case artist, that they don't. this is what I think is happening with her marketing team. or maybe they are doing what would work for some other artist but doesn't work for Britney. either way, I still think that not finishing the Glory era is only gonna hurt her chances of having a successful next album which is what THEY want regardless of what Britney wants.
  7. sounds like a lot of assumptions/speculation to me.. the last two albums reflect nothing but the fact that they don't know what they're doing with her brand and the gp doesn't care as much as we do. i feel like she's too much of a perfectionist to be trying to "run through her contract" and I think that she thinks things are gonna be hits until they're not so then she tries something else. she totally got it right with Glory but they needed to stick with it to rebuild her brand
  8. yas slay marketing is really interesting but theres too much hard math involved i have to take a class called quantitative business analysis next semester and then i graduate did you take that class for your undergrad? anywhoo i wish i was in advertising or communications or public relations instead
  9. I see no lies bb, and I especially agree with the brand part, as a marketing student I can totally see that
  10. Something needs to happen cause I'm this close to unstanning
  11. lol I wouldn't even mind that in the one condition that she basically let us direct the music video. Like have a contest or universe focus group for the video's concept
  12. What do you mean they let her record Glory by herself? Do you mean that she was an executive producer on it? Because she negotiated that into her new contract with them My guess is that it would apply for any future albums
  13. What makes no sense to me is how Britney can be recording another album I mean, if Glory hasn't been successful enough for her label to invest more money to continue the era, then what makes them think that B10 is gonna be any different? Die-hard B Armies will always be here for new music from her, but it's clear at this point that our undying support means nothing to her team if it doesn't translate to profits (obviously) but if anything Britney should invest her own money into finishing the Glory era because after all of our patience and hype we gave to Glory, this is heartbreaking.
  14. I think it really depends on how much you're selling them for (not for me, I can't go even if I could buy them) i wish i could