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  1. those would be amazing miracles Godney works in mysterious ways
  2. How dare you spam my thread tho
  3. Hi loves I am excited to announce the first weekly Spearitual Sunday service is coming up! I really want it to be epic so I made a video that is set to vibey music and the format will be following along with the words in the video The video starts out with reciting the Godney prayer, then I follow up with my Britney related sermon and then there is time in the video for prayer requests from you guys and also your own reflections send them to me by Saturday night! Soooo if you have a prayer request, feel free to comment here or pm it to me Also as the spearitual leader of UniHeaven I want yall to feel free to pm or chat me anytime for any reason like for advice, to vent or even to confess your dirty little secrets I know I always say this but you guys really are like family to me and I love every single one of you
  4. Thanks so much bb! yes please!!
  5. If I get my hands on it,so will you bb
  6. Did you find it?
  7. I didn’t know @HeadstrongWolf‘s name is Martin
  8. Could you please ask Martin for me if he has it or if he can still contact Valetgirls? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. he was really really cool I miss him here, and I tried to message him on his SoundCloud for the album but maybe he doesn't log in there anymore
  10. thank you the best name for an album ever it really goes with the album's aesthetic it's ValetGirls' fan made album and he is/was flawless
  11. What are you Nick Youngin’ me for
  12. Omg I forgot about Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thank you bb
  14. TBH I was partly skeptical of him and partly missing Charlieney but now I'm starting to get on the Sam bandwagon he is insanely hot and seems to be making her really happy!! I've read that she wants to get married and have babies with him but he told her he's not ready. Might be fake news but knowing Britney it could be true Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. This very cool GIF(t) of Primeney can be yours if you send me the Martyrdom of St Britney Spears album files obviously I will remove the tag & can replace it with your username or anything else, when I send it to you