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  1. you're welcome for the flawless emote so you can: beg for something say "bless ya heart sis" praise Godney say a Spearitual Sunday prayer
  2. idk but I made this one
  3. thanks for bumping my thread tho
  4. I don't know u
  5. I don't want her to stay in Vegas
  6. I WANT ONEEEE the target near me better have them when i show up there but at the same time I will be partly happy to see that its sold out but mostly I'll be sad tho
  7. If I'm Slaying
  8. oh heeyy gorls It's been a while, I know I've been MIA not only from UniHeaven but also from social media in general because the my hubby and I have been vacationing in Vietnam the last 2 weeks, before that I had eye surgery so I was pretty much blind for a week and I'm so sorry that I fell behind on the Fanta of Love survey I would like to continue it when I fly back home after the 15th is that ok? I stopped at Britney album anywhoooo have I missed anything big in the Britney World? besides her getting mobbed in Jerusalem? feel free to fill me in on ya lives as well The only thing new in my life is that I have a new position I'm really excited about I'm the Northern California regional director of a bartender/server/DJ's staffing business! Pros and Cons of Vietnam: PROS: -EVERYTHING IS HELLA CHEAP WITH THE USD$$ -the culture is really cool, even in the poor area of saigon where my hubby be from -the countryside is soo pretty -theme parks are very interesting and really cool -toilets have their own little showerheads so i can easily wash the toilet which is great cause hubby makes a mess -weather is so nice, even when it rains, -beach water is always nice/not cold CONS: -customer service is AWFUL in most places -no separation of shower and toilet/sink in the bathrooms so you have to walk in wet floor -FUCKING BUG BITES EVERYWHERE -the traffic is crazy i feel like im a pixel character on crossy roads -people are so weird/rude to me because i look different. they either act like I'm a celebrity or a freak of nature especially over my braids -people are rude in general like in the streets or crowded public places -wifi is super slow which has made it hard for me to post photos and keep up with my friends mkay bye
  9. I got a new job recently which gives me access to photoshop so I can now make siggys again YAY! I'm taking requests for siggys/sets just pm me whatchu want
  11. I doubt this would ever happen but if it did I just think it would be so amazing!! every year I go with my husband to this 4-day event called FanimeCon which is an anime convention by fans for fans (that means that fans of anime volunteer at the event). it all happens at the city's convention center and its really fun There are artists galleries, vendors, pannels, anime film showings, games and activities, auction, basically anything you could think of people come from all over and pay a lot for the tix for this actually and people dress up and generally are very friendly and open with each other because everyone is bonded by the same thing and are nonjudgemental of each other and that's what we are. I wish we could come together and organize something like this around our Godney. I can just imagine people walking around in Britney video costumes, a vendors section for old memorabilia, pannels about britney's career, her life, her role in feminism (remember that class taught by fans in nyc??) dancing to ha music in the dance hall, all kinds of other cool stuff
  12. confirmed by who?
  13. I love this song