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  1. Spearitual Sunday Service -12/10/17

    wait... nooooo!!!! I feel so dead inside right now omg
  2. Hello children of Uniheaven! I have a very special Spearitual Sunday sermon for you today, but first let us light our vanilla candles and recite the Holy prayer: My sermon to you today is about that little rumor that Britney is leaving RCA that rumor that has ignited a little spark of hope in me, hope for a Better era in this coming year and even tho there are no hints as to which label she would go to, I've done some thinking and I would like us all to collectively pray that she ends up with Interscope!! here's why! If you know something about marketing/advertising you can kinda see a trend in the promotional strategies and even in the kind of culture that exists in different record labels. You can tell what they value and what they allow their artists to do. Columbia for example is a label that would be great for Britney, if she still had the reputation of someone like Beyoncé, because it seems like everyone at Columbia is doing really well. HOWEVER it is important that we don't kid ourselves as far as how the world views Britney at this point WE love and respect Britney, WE know that she still has it, that intuition of whats works, her artistic vision was on point in Glory, and it was seriously such a waste of an AMAZING album when it came to her promotion. this is not to say that 1 or 2 things from the era weren't good. but overall I think we can all agree that RCA does not know what they're doing with her. They have far too long promoted her like she's RuPaul FFS because they have a really shallow view of her demographic. But here's why she would not do well in a label like Columbia: She doesn't want to promote enough to even try to be a #1 pop girl. and at this point in her career she doesn't have to! Glory is very similar to Britney's unreleased material and I can only imagine that it didn't get released because it was not considered radio friendly enough. But here's the thing, that's what people love nowadays! Now you look at a label like Interscope: who do they represent? Lana Del Rey, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar... all of those artists barely do any promotion, have very experimental sounds that are not exactly radio friendly. As someone with a marketing degree, I believe the reason they can sell well without much promo, is because the promo they do is in media channels that are more underground and not saturated with top charting artists. The lack of competition in those channels makes their promotions more impactful, and its almost like being promoted that way makes them more edgy and mysterious and cool. At the end of the day the GP are sheep, and if you tell them someone is cool, they are cool. The problem is no one is saying that about Britney anymore right? so please, , join me today to pray that Britney signs with Interscope, or at least with a record label that allows her to create another amazing album, that doesn't pressure her to be on top again, and just allows her to execute her dark and edgy artistic vision with her promotional material such as music video (*cough*flopfume ,makeme*cough*) And as a final note, please know that I am here for anyone who wants to talk or confess their sins! I am your friend Godney Bless you all
  3. Spearitual Sunday Service 10/22/17

    I am sorry bb, for my absence from duty I promise to get back to my spearitual work here in Uniheaven. HOWEVER, you must take responsibility for your sins as well especially given the multiple times they were committed to atone for these sins, i advise you to light 3 vanilla candles and play Everytime, NAGNYAW, and Hold On Tite Then you will be forgiven Godney bless you
  4. Look what arrived for me on her birthday!

    It’s a Britmas miracle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Would you rather?

    Hardest would you rather question ever right? I know, take your time and btw, can we call this the LarryGate Scandal?
  6. to be honest, I think he probably had some help because how would he know who to contact?
  7. His best defense is that he thought it would be funny and didn’t think it would work which LBFH is probably the truth Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. If he leaked it ( especially from glory) I would start a gofundme to pay his legal fees
  9. I AM SHOOKETH! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Paris Hilton - The Holy Trinity

    She's such a queen and like idk how to say this but she reminds me of a unicorn her instagram story posts are by far my fave
  11. Paris Hilton - The Holy Trinity

    You forgot that she’s a really successful DJ UNLIKE
  12. Paris Hilton - The Holy Trinity

    Omg why you even getting me started thinking about that?? I can’t think about that because it’s not gonna happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Paris Hilton - The Holy Trinity

    I couldn’t care less about Lindsay but omg Parisney was iconic AF I super wish they would reconnect Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. RUMOR - Britney might be leaving RCA

    I HATE THIS PHRASE Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. RUMOR - Britney might be leaving RCA

    Please laawd let this be true!! they have no idea what they’re doing with her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk