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  1. I got a new job recently which gives me access to photoshop so I can now make siggys again YAY! I'm taking requests for siggys/sets just pm me whatchu want
  3. I doubt this would ever happen but if it did I just think it would be so amazing!! every year I go with my husband to this 4-day event called FanimeCon which is an anime convention by fans for fans (that means that fans of anime volunteer at the event). it all happens at the city's convention center and its really fun There are artists galleries, vendors, pannels, anime film showings, games and activities, auction, basically anything you could think of people come from all over and pay a lot for the tix for this actually and people dress up and generally are very friendly and open with each other because everyone is bonded by the same thing and are nonjudgemental of each other and that's what we are. I wish we could come together and organize something like this around our Godney. I can just imagine people walking around in Britney video costumes, a vendors section for old memorabilia, pannels about britney's career, her life, her role in feminism (remember that class taught by fans in nyc??) dancing to ha music in the dance hall, all kinds of other cool stuff
  4. confirmed by who?
  5. I love this song
  6. I was wondering that too... I wish Britney would make a Chaotic part 2 with ha sons
  7. I'm here for it because it probably means she will stop promoting her old hits, Broadway will promote them for her. And if she chooses to continue her career it will be promoting new music which is REALLY a what she should be doing
  8. She probably feels like the met gala is just like, nothing but an event for superficial attention whores and she would rather be home with her kids especially with her social anxiety She would probably step on it and trip or tear the lacey fabric but she should do a photo shoot in it
  9. Send to me too tbh
  11. there are tons of marketing flops made all the time by people who are professionals in their field because they think they understand the demographics of some product or in this case artist, that they don't. this is what I think is happening with her marketing team. or maybe they are doing what would work for some other artist but doesn't work for Britney. either way, I still think that not finishing the Glory era is only gonna hurt her chances of having a successful next album which is what THEY want regardless of what Britney wants.
  12. sounds like a lot of assumptions/speculation to me.. the last two albums reflect nothing but the fact that they don't know what they're doing with her brand and the gp doesn't care as much as we do. i feel like she's too much of a perfectionist to be trying to "run through her contract" and I think that she thinks things are gonna be hits until they're not so then she tries something else. she totally got it right with Glory but they needed to stick with it to rebuild her brand
  13. yas slay marketing is really interesting but theres too much hard math involved i have to take a class called quantitative business analysis next semester and then i graduate did you take that class for your undergrad? anywhoo i wish i was in advertising or communications or public relations instead