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  1. Blackout X

    Great work! Thanks for sharing with us!
  2. Blackout golden edition

    Believe me, it's there. It's interwoven with the beat/ baseline.
  3. Target Britney Shirt

    Finally found one yesterday!
  4. Marilyn Monroe looks like Britney sometimes

    There was also that set of pics from when Brit was like 15 where she looks like Marilyn around the same age. There are definitely similarities.
  5. Good. I wasn't sure, because they didn't start booing until they ushered her off stage. :-/
  6. I hope they weren't booing her. :-/ I know stuff like that really spooks her so if she needed a second to calm down, that's okay. Or if security just wanted to make sure the threat was neutralized...
  7. Top 10 DR LUKE THE WORST RIP-OFFs (incl HIAM)

    The man has no scruples.
  8. I hadn't heard she changed it! How was it supposed to be before?
  9. Kardashian/Jenner Thread

    I'm living vicariously through Kylie's social media.
  10. BAN Randee st. Nicholas from Britney please!

  11. Tbh..about the BOMT song...

    I'd like her to at least re-record the vocals. Her voice is so different now that's it's comical to hear 16-year-old her.
  12. GONZO to the finish line...

  13. GONZO to the finish line...

    Give you what you want/I'm a certified slut
  14. Kardashian/Jenner Thread

    Is that really her?? I didn't know she did more than Jam.