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I Just Want More

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  1. Do they sell Britney merch? Cause I'm going to jingle bash tonight and wanna know. I haven't posted on here in probably well over a year but I just really wanna know. Thanks
  2. Happy Birthday I Just Want More!

  3. My Own Britney Collection

    Are these all things that you really have? Ohmygod ily, just one question, WHERE THE FUCK DO I FIND FEMME FATALE SOCKS? I'm in love with them tbh. And also where did you find everything else too?
  4. Super Rare Asian 'time Out' Vcd W/ Lanyard On Ebay

    Are you the one selling it?
  5. Look What Change Lingerie Just Sent Me!

    Cool! How big is it?
  6. Britney Drew The Design For The New Slave Costume In Pom

  7. Look What I Just Got! Omg

  8. Nick Jonas Praises Britney In New Interview

    What'd he say? Too caught up in the performance to move on to the interview
  9. Awkward Moment At Target

    Hdu not mention the queen
  10. Britney Kept The Record!

  11. Britney Kept The Record!

    But they're still not totally accurate and we're at the point where 1k can make the difference
  12. Britney Kept The Record!

    When has she ever done that?
  13. Britney Kept The Record!

    NOT OFFICIAL NUMBERS some of you look so stupid, no offense