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    Britney <3 she's my love!

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  1. Feb 24 B-Daysss

    thanks hun xxoo
  2. Who remembers my flawlessness :goodside:

    1. Farrah Moan

      Farrah Moan

      Gurl hmu when you can over here, we got trouble going on :(

  3. Maybe she didn't like how the director was shouting "ooh ooh ooh ooh"
  4. To all those complaining...

    whatever lol Everyone has an opinion hun. Let everyone be
  5. So... No Acceptance Speech? Nothing?

    hold up! so no award speech?WHY THE FUCK Am I still watching this shit
  6. it's a good day to be a fan

    first time watching I was like oh fuck she's stiff af then watched it again and it was a bit better
  7. Why Hasn't Anyone Recorded Rebellion?

    bump where are the covers
  8. Happy Birthday Teresa!

  9. I Came To Party Baby

    like you
  10. I Came To Party Baby

    me too
  11. I Came To Party Baby

    Get Back>>>>>