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  1. On the other forum, people have a mini-meltdown over these words "they should be begging". They even cursed at her. What happened?
  2. I thought this forum was more friendly, considering how many of you talk shit about the other forum and its members.
  3. Apple Music = Piece of Me

    Someone should remember her that she has a new album, which needs to be promoted. Glory deserves better. Its performance on the charts is terrible.
  4. Japan is flawless! US (Her native country) couldn't even give her a #1 debut.
  5. I'm confused...Wasn't there a rumour the other day that she prerecorded her Iheart radio performance? I'm not going to get my hopes up.
  6. Make Me Radio Update (Worrying!)

    The song won't be able to recover from this week unless promo and the video comes fast. Charts don't mean everything but have some respect for the work you spent 2 years on, and try to give it justice. Even if you don't want to be all up in the public's face , be proud of your work.
  7. Rise #1

  8. It was good while it lasted
  9. Make Me is coming sooner than you think

    "Soon" I hate this word already.
  10. People were expecting a celebration of her greatest hits ,not just another Piece of Me promo. Less than half of the songs from that leaked list are hits . Also,they could have chosen better performances. I know it's to early to judge ,but I have mixed feelings about the performance.
  11. I'm just so glad to see that she finally seems to embrace her own beauty and feels comfortable in her own skin. If the music is good and the new show actually manages to improve on these last few legs even more and she's happy doing what she's doing, what could we wish for?
  12. She does care. For all the sh!t that stupid bitch talks about Britney, she sure is bothered.