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  1. Britney As A Brunette - An Appreciation Thread

    Ooh I love this 2010ney look
  2. Let's celebrate the end of her career
  3. The Big Leaving And Complaints Topic

    Gonna stan some other artists in the meantime See ya in 2018 Brinny
  4. "do You Miss The Old Britney?"

    so true
  5. Songs For This Summer!

    she can't stand you too jk
  6. Songs For This Summer!

    These are perfect for the summer
  7. I Was Expecting Something Different I Guess...

    She looked good and stuff but yeah, I'm disappointed. There wasn't any WOW thing... it was pretty meh. Some of her POM performances are more entertaining than this actually.
  8. It's so fucking cool omg
  9. Omg It Leaked!

    Exhale teas