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    Shame on me, to need release.
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  1. Your Britney Tumblr?

    Oh thanks
  2. Your Britney Tumblr?

  3. Your Britney Tumblr?

    I followed you What's the liink I can't find it
  4. Your Britney Tumblr?

    I didn't came here since like.. June I think Good to be back tbh
  5. Your Britney Tumblr?

    Does anybody own a britney blog on tumblr? I need some Britney on my dashboard
  6. How Many Hot 100 Hits Britney Has?

    IMO Nicki and Britney are both queens. Britney changed pop, Nicki changed hip-hop. We can't compare MJ to Nicki tho, that's not the same style at all. Nicki is hip-hop, MJ & Britney are pop... So we can't compare.
  7. Rise Alien Rise! From #770 to #533 On Itunes!

    If there's Buy it won't trend
  8. Femme Fatale

    I love FF tbh
  9. Megamix?

    I need some megamixes what are you favorite ones ?
  10. It would be a 2 CDs one and it would feature 5 new songs. I didn't wanted to put any singles. CD 1: 1. Soda Pop 2. Where Are You Now 3. Bombastic Love 4. Before The Goodbye 5. Breathe On Me 6. Touch Of My Hand 7. The Hook Up 8. Get Back 9. Ooh Ooh Baby 10. Hot As Ice CD 2: 1. Unusual You 2. Amnesia 3. Phonography 4. Lace & Leather 5. Inside Out 6. Trouble For Me 7. He About To Lose Me 8. Selfish 9. Hold On Tight 10. Alien 11. All The Way 12. Masquerade 13. Falling Down 14. Girl Power (feat. Nicki Minaj) 15. Forget
  11. Britney Jean (Acoustic)

    I said they could change a couple songs (the ones that can't be acoustic like WB & BA)
  12. Britney Jean (Acoustic)

    It is omg
  13. Ooh La La appreciation thread

    Slay La La tbh
  14. Britney Jean (Acoustic)

    The acoustic versions that Club Martiny are giving us are giving me LIFE