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  1. New Pepsi Teaser.... ;)

    Can't wait for the meltdown. I've poured so much gasoline already!!
  2. New Pepsi Teaser.... ;)

    I didn't say it's GalaxyUniverse's fault, Lara I even created a thread to fuel the meltdown.... on Exhale tho.
  3. New Pepsi Teaser.... ;)

    I wonder if Universe will lose members again if it's not Britney One thing for sure, the meltdown in exhale would be gigantic if it's not Britney. Can't wait.
  4. N/A

    I was bored so I decided to share with you all. And Universe is mentioned too in the article. YAY
  5. N/A

  6. Wouldn't Mind This On P O M

    everything is better than what shes doing now in vegas tho.
  7. Adele's Album Leaked!

    She needs to break it before the other basic pop stars break it. SHE BETTER BREAK IT!
  8. u wont call it bullshit if she's number one tho
  9. I think so She's the girl in BETTER THAN THAT
  10. i hate that bitch cuz she slept with marina's ex.
  11. General Concert Question

    They delayed the concert til next year -_-
  12. It's closed at the moment. Try again later, bro.