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Twisted Halos

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    "Someday, I'll be Part of Your World"
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    Graphic Design, Animals, Music, Movies and TV Shows. Britney Spears and Taylor Swift! I collect Britney and Taylor merch!

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  1. I'm planning on going to the Pennsylvania show!
  2. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    Very Proud!
  3. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    It's the instrumental, sorry for getting back to you late.
  4. Lol I know that. I was just excited about the possibility of getting new songs!
  5. I hope we get them! I NEED new unreleased songs!!
  6. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    Thanks!!!! umm I'll have to look! I'll get back to ya!!
  7. Taylor Swift’s Reputation album reviews

    I love this album!!!!
  8. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    I finally ordered this!!! HT has 30% off right now!
  9. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    My Vinyl!!!
  10. This has actually been out for sometime now
  11. Oh wow. I was curious to see if any were left and it is sold out already
  12. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    Ordered the BOMT Vinyl!!!!!!!
  13. Ordered mine!! I am so excited!! Hopefully the others will soon follow!