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Pop Empress

B Army
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    In Godney We Trust
  • Birthday 03/19/1997

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    Toxic Skyscraper
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    Britney Spears is my biggest interest she is my Idol and Role Model
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    Kara (I miss you so much <3),POMney, tiktik, kinganthony

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  1. Happy Birthday Pop Empress!

  2. I literally cried a little, I can't believe she is finally back, them tears of joy
  4. This is just now, less than 1 minute ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/_1eLvRs4MA/
  5. Can you get us a vid or something of the rehearsal?
  6. Vintage Britney!

    I LOVE THESE! They're so vintage, it gives me so much nostalgia, I remember when my cousin bought all of her casette tapes in 2000
  7. The guy who gave Britney her best and most Iconic music videos to date (Toxic & Womanizer)
  8. It's a joke ffs, learn to take a joke ffs And it's not even offensive to Adele
  9. Copy the link of the gif and post it in the "URL" section when you want to change the picture, then click import and voila, it's an AVI.
  10. Thank you, feel free to use anyone you like!
  11. They're all 150x150 so you can use them as moving/gif AVIs with no problem at all, they're not much I know, but anyone can use them if they want. Also, they're all from Britney's best looking appearances in my opinion, and they're all from 2013 and over, without further ado: Everyone please feel free to use them if you want!
  12. I teared up a bit, so happy for her! Glad to see BritBrit making people happy and making their dreams come true!
  13. Cody deserves nothing, honestly, he is mean as fuck.
  14. Which Directors You Would Like For B9 Mvs?

    Joseph Kahn (Best, sexiest and most fierce looking MV director, hands down) Ellen Von Unwerth (Dark, urban and gritty MVs. something that every Britney fan loves and wants) David LaChapelle (Cute, bubblgum pop MVs, something that Britney fans miss)
  15. Godney's Current Body Is Literally Perfect And Toned!

    That red slutty outfit >>>>>>