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  1. 2014ney VS. 2003ney

    Amazing. Thought the first pic was 2003 for a sec
  2. Britney's most daring/ edgiest single?

    Work Bitch isn't getting enough credit. The sound and song structure is so different from anything that is out there. The vocals are so different. The beat is so aggressive. It was a risk which is why it wasn't an instant hit. It needed more promotion to get to the top - the potential is there.
  3. No one will ever top Britney

    I don't like this mentality. If Madonna didn't do it, someone else would have. Each artists success and popularity should be measured in relative terms. While Madonna was big, she was being outsold by Mariah. Britney was untouched in HER decade.
  4. No one will ever top Britney

    I don't care for Madonna tbh. She can never make me feel the way Britney does. Madonna is not attractive - she is not sexy. Britney is the definition of perfection while being humble and still being human and relatable.
  5. This for ALBUM 9 tbh

    Actually, I change my mind. I want an album that is ACTUALLY Britney. It doesn't have to be "personal" but I want an immense amount creative input from Britney. I want her to be as proud of the album as she was of In The Zone. And as a result, I want her to proudly promote the album as much as possible. If she does this, I don't care what sound it is - I'll follow Britney whichever way she decides to go.
  6. Which Britney album is better? come vote!

    Blackout as a whole. Very cohesive and a fantastic album. But FF has some killer songs. (TTWE HIAM IO)
  7. This for ALBUM 9 tbh

    My album 9: 1. A song like toxic 2. A song like get naked 3. A song like breathe on me 4. A song like touch of my hand 5. A song like slave for you 6. A song like everytime 7. A song like break the ice 8. A song like rebellion 9. A song like let go 10. A song like gimme more 11. A song like work bitch 12. A song like and then we kiss 13. A song like the hook up 14. A song like I got that boom boom SLAY US BRINTY JIN
  8. Fun Facts

    Album 3 was originally titled "Oops, Baby, I did it one more time" The Beat Goes On was supposed to be Britney's debut single Ok but really: BOMT video was supposed to be superhero theme but Godney suggested the now legendary school girl outfit.
  9. What do you think Britney's favourite

    Toxic def her favorite of her songs. Overall prob something by Michael or Mariah or Madonna.
  10. Main Vocalist 1 Brinty Main Vocalist 2 Janet Back up Vocalist 1/Dancer Gwen Back up Vocalist 2/Dancer JLo tbh Rapper Nicki
  11. What's your least favorite Britney album & why?

    You're asking me to pick which of my children I like the least (don't have any children ftr) CANT PICK THO - this question is so cruel.
  12. What Britney song are you listening to?

  13. What Britney song are you listening to?

    Touch of my hand tbh
  14. Album Survivor - Baby One More Time

    1. "...Baby One More Time" (12) 2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (12) 3. "Sometimes" (12) + 4. "Soda Pop" (8) 5. "Born to Make You Happy" (12) 6. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" (10) 7. "I Will Be There" (13) 8. "I Will Still Love You" (duet with Don Philip) (5) 9. "Deep in My Heart" (11) 10. "Thinkin' About You" (11) 11. "E-Mail My Heart" (11) 12. "The Beat Goes On" (4) - 13. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (9) 14. "Autumn Goodbye" (10)
  15. omg your sig is too flawless - i can't deal