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  1. The Alien Drama Was Fake - Proof

    No, they're just being delusional and stupid lol
  2. (New) Mp3 Telephone Solo Snippet

    It's filtered lol
  3. Get Naked (Raw Recording Vocal) Snippet

    I was being sarcastic lol
  4. Get Naked (Raw Recording Vocal) Snippet

    Nice impressionation
  5. Alien raw vocals??!?

    You know it's not so stop lol
  6. Alien raw vocals??!?

    Not the same one though, that version is a filtered version from the acoustic mix.
  7. Alien raw vocals??!?

    God people don't even know how to read lol
  8. Alien raw vocals??!?

    It's not fake, those vocals are included in the original multipack / stems pack.
  9. This is fake as hell though lol