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  1. Do You Wanna Come Over Is Here!!!

    Send it to me please
  2. I gave in and listened to it...

    Cool. We'll have to wait and see
  3. Who knows. We'll have to wait and see
  4. Cool. I bet they gonna do fun stuff. Guess we'll have to wait and see
  5. UK Rumour: Carpool Tracklist Revealed

    We'll have to wait and see
  6. Spamming Friends

    Most of my friends blocked me cuz I spammed em non stop ✌?
  7. HELP US SPAM!!! Promote Britney on chatrooms :P

    Spread the spam, spread the spaaaaaaam?????
  8. Exclusive Confirmed: Glory being renamed

    Btw go yall and pre order SLAYNEY
  9. A reliable source told me the Make Me (Ooh) singer is changing the name of her 9th studio album. Due to the reactions of the general public after dropping Make Me (Ooh), Private Show and now the new anthem Clumsy, her team decided to renamed the new album known before as Glory. Now they chose a more realistic name that describe the entire record: SLAYNEY. I am ready to be slayed. Are you? SLAAAAAY US GODNEY
  10. Did Myah BG in Clumsy?

    Universe is a charm, Exhell is not the same ????
  11. Man on the moon leaking?

    Rebellion forum fans already have the standar version