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  1. More Information Of Bs9

    I hope it's true
  2. 7Th Leg: Full Videos Thread

    Is there any 60fps video ?
  3. Britney Was Planning To Tour With Britney Jean...

    Well we can't really say that it was scrapped since it wasn't even planned (the residency was on negociation when The album was on its very early stages)
  4. I Got Some Bad News For You...

    I'm happy about it, it means we could have a fall release
  5. Is it me or her hair looks blonder ?
  6. Breatheheavy Is In Trouble (Tmz) - Updated

    Well if his site would have remain only about Britney he wouldn't be in trouble now
  7. I seriously don't get all the hate on it
  8. I'm Perfume But still I was born on Dec 2nd like Brit
  9. Britney Engaged!

    Robin Leach ? The "Vegas confirmed next Monday" every week from January to August 2013 guy ?
  10. So The February Leg Still Remains The Best?

    I miss the POM choreo so much tbh
  11. Supposed Britney New Track (2014/2015)

    It's obviously not her