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  1. That's what I was thinking. Like, no wonder Brit doesn't give that much energy, the crowd doesn't give it back.
  2. I was there last night. When she played circus I was the ONLY person standing. I was shocked!!!
  3. Artists You Would Like To Write Songs For Britney

    Lana del rey, Natasha Kahn
  4. [Quiz] Guess The Britney Spears Song By The Obscure Lyric!

  5. Did Britney Have A Recent Nose Job?

  6. Favorite Christina Aguilera song?

    Little Dreamer!!!
  7. this is how we do- lyric video here!

    NO! Legendary Lovers and Ghost or NOTHING!!
  8. The Rise of Criminal

    I have to agree with you! So underrated
  9. LOved the video! I am excited to see how this years will turn out!
  10. main page New tweet: Britney shares pic w/ David on twitter

    I love you britney!
  11. So I came across this obvious hate article online

    Wow she looks amazing!

    Mine is pink with a dark blue flower...
  13. main page Britney's i'm bored instagram video!

    The fact that she filmed this herself makes me so excited and happy! Idk what has changed but she just seems super happy now!!