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  1. Brinny's nipple was hanging out tonight

    Guess we wont be seeing this costume again now then I feel bad if she didn't notice to be honest. But if she noticed and thought fuck it then I would be like slayyyy haha
  2. Would Make Me have been a bigger hit if

    To be honest, I think the song just was just missing something. It was and still is a nice song and I enjoy listening to it. Would I really go out my way to look for it and listen to it probably not, Especially when I compare it to other lead singles
  3. Britneylicious's new iconic Twitter video

    Someone crop Brit into MILF $ vid xD haha, Id love a fergie and Brit track though. Even though it would probs end up like Iggy 2.0
  4. Liking the new outfit sequence change at POM

    I get what your saying, I get the feeling she wasnt quite feeling it. I dunno, her eyes to me look like they have been crying but that may just be the make up
  5. Parts of it sound like they got Iggy to sing it. Best be careful saying that actually, Bitch might try to get a feature / due again
  6. UPDATE: Sam (most likely) NOT cheating on Brit

    If she is causing drama for no reason I would literally LOVE for brit to call her out or say something during her next POM I know she wouldn't as Brit has a heart of gold but :/
  7. That black hat in IUSA is giving me Radar MV vibes haha I know its white in the video but still Looks like she slayed it tonight as always!!
  8. I'm so excited! Ill never get the chance to fly out to watch it in person but I love watching all the Instagram and twitter videos Being realistic I cant see allot of changes if any happening, Probably a new costume but i'm not expecting anything

    It looks really nice for a photo shoot but trying to do quick changes into that would be a nightmare I think!
  10. Who haven't been to Vegas, So this sounds like if she was to tour it would just be POM on wheels :/
  11. OMG, Shut UP!

    iHeartRadio awards in March? If she is performing maybe it would be the next single if there is to be a third? Would seem strange to promote Slumber Party that long after release maybe
  12. My Only wish! Radio 1 UK!

    Ikr! It was in the afternoon so it wasn't that biased Britney bashing Nick person, Ill never forget the morning I waited for them to play Make me when it was released but they just slagged her off and ass licked Perry. It was Scott Mills show they was playing Christmas songs xD
  13. My Only wish! Radio 1 UK!

    As if Radio 1 just played my only wish!! Even though I hate them Ill give them some credit for playing it, Such a bop
  14. Even cartoon Brit slay! Love how she is on the sofa in a similar pose to what she does on the guitar prop
  15. EMERGENCY - Slumber Party Needs Our Help!!

    Iv not heard it on UK Radio once, So sad that Brit never seems to chart well in the UK recently