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  1. @Boy07John aww thank you!!

  2. Watching SNL40....how the hell is Cheri Oteri not in the credits!!? She was one of the funniest cast members. Ugh so agrivated 😡

  3. OMG YASS!!! I was getting nervous you weren't gonna be on tonight. You are my all time fav cast member!! @cherioteri

  4. Lmao oh this def used to be me 😂😂#FormerMemberOfTheHotMessExpress #Sober #4MonthsAndCounting http://t.co/j1caKb281X

  5. In bed watching The Simpsons 😠hope everyone is enjoying their evening! #soberlife #sober #4MonthsAndCounting http://t.co/YUiVfRCTxk

  6. My 2 handsome guys! Sir Tuxalot loves his new apt! http://t.co/3LKiWdESWf

  7. Moving day!!! Then work tonight...Busy busy busy. Have a great day y'all xoxo

  8. Tomorrow is moving day!!

  9. RT @Adrienne_Bailon: Forever an ICON... 🙌"It's Britney Bitch!" @BritneySpears She was amazing! Viva LAS… http://t.co/o2tOdG4dDe

  10. RT @SuperheroFeed: 'EVIL DEAD' deleted scenes leaked!•http://t.co/kgcwxtWrr4•http://t.co/FnYXY0SJ3a•http://t.co/YTCO9mOlqV http://t.co/3…

  11. Gonna go furniture shopping with the hubby. Can't wait to move into our new place next Friday!! #recovery #Sober #111Days