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  1. Illuminatiney Thread <3

  2. (New) Meghan Trainor Shades Britney

    I don't even know who this girl is, but it didn't sound like shading what-so-ever.
  3. The Reason We Haven't Got The 3Rd Single Of Bj

    I think that Britney pushed for Alien and her record label pushed for something else, and a decision was never really made. Then the hype of the album was gone and there wasn't any point to push out a 3rd single. Although I love "Perfume", I don't think it was a good idea to release that as a single. There were so many other songs on the album I would have loved to have released as a single and music video... Alien being one of them.
  4. ....baby?

    Eek, I interpreted it sexually as well. Like... show her how he wants it done.
  5. Grammy Producer: Britney's Perfomance Was A Mistake

    Nothing was wrong with that performance. Except for maybe her dress. But that might just be personal taste.
  6. I wish she'd cover I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney. I think it would fit her well.
  7. games Music Video Game!

    So basically, her team just needs to release the album and then tell the fans to pick their top 5 choices and then they should do a MV for what we pick. A lot of us agree on the same songs!!!
  8. Oh My God!

    Congratulations Anthony, you deserve it!
  9. She looks amazing and I think Charlie is a total hottie!
  10. main page January 23Rd- Britney In Malibu

    I really want her shirt and her jeans. I also love that the extensions are back!
  11. :orangu: Britney Related Vine

    Britney Spears music + alcohol always makes me do this. It's pretty horrific. Lol.
  12. Why Miley?

    I think Miley just has a lot of time on her hands.
  13. I think videos are the fun part for her. It's where she actually gets to use her creative expression of the songs she records. I don't think she'd just not do music videos anymore.
  14. games Music Video Game!

    It's so hard to choose only one! I had to think for awhile on each one! Especially in the later albums where she didn't release many singles.