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  1. If U Seek Amy, Mood Ring, Gimme More, Womanizer, Inside Out, Circus, Love Me Down, Piece Of Me are all MASTERPIECES.

  2. RT @absolutebritney: Friday vibes 😈 https://t.co/sGnA9Wbo0Q

  3. I'm feeling a bit down and emotional tonight, y'all. But I have @madisonbeer's dope EP and the hope that tomorrow w… https://t.co/0fsGQlVR8N

  4. RT @champagnefeeI: "wyd tonight" it's 5pm, i've already showered and gotten into bed. if u wanted to make plans, u should've asked 3 month…

  5. @LOUISAGUIRRE People like this will ALWAYS exist. It's disgusting, but it will never end. Bigotry and hatred are LI… https://t.co/Nsd7tJelZN

  6. @madisonbeer So I made a video about you, playing your new record (which is incredible by the way). I would love fo… https://t.co/7VuVKirqwp

  7. And wait until B10 gets here. She's just getting started! https://t.co/TDsOKFsWA1

  8. RT @JackJesseSpears: January isn’t even over yet and already Britney was the first ever live broadcasted performance of 2018, announced a E…

  9. If ‘She Loves Control’ isn’t the next single, I swear to God..... @Camila_Cabello

  10. RT @codyspearz: https://t.co/ci77z9F6Jm

  11. I have never in my life ordered something so fast and without thinking before. GIMME GIMME. @britneyspears… https://t.co/DlVgq63IdU

  12. 'up in this' by @iamblackbear & @Tinashe deserves much more attention than it has currently. Truly one of my music… https://t.co/G3KjtYHxtO

  13. @rysgam The camera on the Pixel is truly next level. It’s unbelievably good.

  14. Trump literally just called himself a “very stable genius”. What a deranged sociopath...

  15. This is bullshit. Femme Fatale outperformed all of these albums, had the most mainstream radio success of her caree… https://t.co/RfiznA48SE