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  1. RT @bradan: This is a double banana. RT for 5 years of good luck. Ignore for 10 years of bad luck. Wouldn't risk it https://t.co/eeAF33av6W

  2. RT @tughker: when carly rae jepsen drops this next single, if you don’t dm me proof that you bought it, i will report you for homophobia. i…

  3. RT @virtuallychokeU: Guy at the strip club asked me my real name. Said I’d give him one hint. Told him I was named after a queen. And this…

  4. where was this Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades https://t.co/aZ82tpvHqm

  5. @SpencerCoile rip

  6. i’m 22 years old and 97% financially independent from my parents. i’m very proud of that.

  7. RT @Pink: https://t.co/BI861sjSZ4

  8. me earlier tonight contemplating making a dash for the exit because all systems were going down at work https://t.co/qUHG8UZMPl

  9. RT @LauraDern: Should she have played Renata in Big Little Lies?! https://t.co/cLBwXG4FLT

  10. RT @Annieswartz_: what did I DO last night https://t.co/YmLqe9b15Z

  11. @IamTeddyMykaels i have such mixed feelings on her lol

  12. @marktynan_ yes m’am. you’re literally one of my longest mutuals

  13. RT @CriticsChoice: Omg, Laura Dern takes the #CriticsChoice for Best Supporting Actress for BIG LITTLE LIES

  14. RT @subsahaaron: Phantom Thread Phantom Threa Phantom Thre Phantom Thr Phantom Th Phantom T y Phantom ny Phantom nny Phantom anny Phanto…

  15. RT @emailmypussy: Britney: *performs Work Bitch for the 300th time* Me: https://t.co/k8g6sF2td0