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      Due to the upgrade you need to reselect your theme, this upgrade was huge so the old theme files didn't function anymore.
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  1. i sobbed https://t.co/cyxRD9sGSS

  2. RT @MotherJones: A Texas sheriff threatened this woman for having a “F**K TRUMP” bumper sticker. Her new sticker says F**k the sheriff. htt…

  3. Loving #TenYearsEP @alyandaj

  4. RT @MTV: Wow, we love four unicorn mermaid princesses 🦄🐚 https://t.co/8RfBq7EGju

  5. is that a threat??? https://t.co/dUAKaTktj7

  6. RT @jbwshh: 4.0 kids be like “omg I’m gonna fail this test lol” like damn some of us really bout to flunk this fr, stop appropriating my cu…

  7. RT @bbiss666: holy shit it's a democorgin https://t.co/20f8OMx4Ff

  8. Holden has turned into such an asshole #Mindhunter

  9. okay but the Beyond Stranger Things theme bumps. where i can i download it? @netflix

  10. @spikepoint one of the best horror sequels ever!

  11. omg how did they get the paper towel thing in #WillAndGrace

  12. i... https://t.co/av8DhVW59v

  13. melodrama is still the best album of the year https://t.co/QgFSgOCS7n

  14. if your first thought is “hey siri” while watching #GeraldsGame, literally never watch another movie again. you don’t deserve it.

  15. @rXXklessss i have the same advice if you ever see mother!