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  1. Hey sis ! Missed u too
  2. They are all Bey stans what do u expect tbh. We also need to realize that the GP isn't here for Britney anymore tbh
  3. Not surprised tbh.. I was expecting this. They do this every year, y'all should've seen it coming. I mean it would've been great to see her perform but y'all know the girl ain't ready
  4. She actually praised her & was there for it when the rumors swirled
  5. Now was I right? Or was I right ?
  6. Girl I'm sleep! ... how many times has the media fooled the army over the Super Bowl? These rumors come up every year around this time and it doesn't happen.
  7. And they said it wouldn't be released in 2018, it doesn't take a full year to release a DVD in which they already have full footage from 2013 and on wards
  8. So I'm guessing y'all are forgetting that we already have the Apple Music festival DVD? I mean why would they release another DVD with the same set list and routine (besides circus, wig, lucky) Perhaps they scrapped their original plans for the Pom DVD & went with the Apple one, y'all know how they work when it comes to scrapping
  9. Ooh the selfdrag on this one. A fan asked if it would be released in 2018, Britney's show ends this year (2017)
  10. of course its gonna be the same, they're using the same logo and pic from Vegas. I just hope they add a few if not a couple of songs from glory ESPECIALLY 'LOVE ME DOWN' !!!! Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is for her fans and gp that havent seen her but then again the gp already witnessed part of it
  11. Omg thank u ! Ur the best
  12. Does anyone know what site I can download Britney's unreleased music from? I plugged in my iPhone into my new computer and for some reason my music got erased and I don't know what site to download it from
  13. Ugh ur such a flop fan ... if u paid any attention to her instagram u would know that she made a remake of her green swimsuit .. but whatever flips ya boat and makes ya feel better