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  1. RUMOR - Britney might be leaving RCA

    Christina was rumored to want out too. Wouldn't be surprised. We'll see.
  2. So for #B10....

    I don't know why you 're assuming she's being told what to do 100% of the time and why you think she had no input with femme fatale. She may have been unhappy because she didn't want to promote, maybe she had another mental breakdown during that time. FF happened to be the last era where we got full promo so that could be saying a lot. If the conservatorship ends that does not mean we'll be getting a more raw edgier version of her, it could mean she stops, it could mean she gets worse and can't continue. The Vegas show doesn't have much to do with lack of promo because they can and do shoot stuff during her breaks. It's either she doesn't want to, they don't want to invest the money in it because people are not checking for her now, they don't know how to best market her in this current climate, or a combo of all of this. No one is saying she can't handle it or doesn't have passion anymore, we're just saying she probably doesn't want to do the promo full force anymore.
  3. Sunset Fantasy

    She's made a billion on these fragrances so clearly men are buying and wearing them.
  4. Sunset Fantasy

    Dont all her perfume releases come with a press release at the minimum? And that used in the video doesn't match the font of this supposed ad. I think this is a troll. But I could be wrong.
  5. So for #B10....

    B10 will be good most likely. I hope she does some songs that are not all sex. It would be cool if she did more breakup songs and songs about the world but not in a preachy way. Something like Come Together by the Beatles just updated to fit her. I would like more 80s pop/synth sounds from her. And it would be good if she does some atmospheric sounding songs, similar to Alien. She is also in desperate need of a ballad and it would be interesting to hear an acapella or acoustic song too.
  6. So for #B10....

    I agree that it seems like the pullback in her promo most likely has to do with Britney wanting to take it easy. She has had a LOOOONG career and most artists don't go for this long, especially with what she want through 10 years ago. People have to stop expecting so much out of her at this point. She clearly can get a hit, songs these days are mostly trash anyway so it's not that hard for someone in her position. I truly do think that she doesn't want all that attention, she just wants to release her music and perform. She's not trying to win over critics or non-fans, nor is she trying to win all the Grammys, make any statements, or be a trend setter or anything like that. She doesn't want to break sales records, she doesn't want to be on all the magazine covers or be seen hanging with this one and that one at events and parties. She just wants to do her thing. Let her OR move on.
  7. Britney is working on a secret project

    I there's too much going on in the background to be justa photo shoot. Two guesses: an new intro for the POM finale or a megamix video to celebrate the 20 years of BOMT.
  8. The most embarrassing parts on lyrics

    Are you missing the reference in the first line u picked? Also BFB is about sex so she's using ineundo to refer to a hard dick.
  9. The weird track from each Britney album

    Trip to your heart was great
  10. The weird track from each Britney album

    Bomt: soda pop Oops: dear diary Brit: Cinderella (idky I could never get into that song) ITZ: brave new girl (tho I love it and considering the sound the rest of her albums took it makes total sense) BO: none, all certified fire Circus: mannequin FF: how I roll BJ: chillin wit you GLO: what you need or hard to forget ya
  11. Britney Thinks Her Career Is 20 Years Already

    She was signed in 1997. 1997 was 20 years ago. They sorta mentioned that the 20th anniversary of her getting signed was in March I think. Also she had been recording and shopping demos long before she got picked up. Plus the mmc was in 92 to 94. Plus she she did commercials, and was in a play when she was like 8 or so. She been around for way longer.
  12. About Bney's virginity...

    No one really gives a fuck who she slept with first. And it's not up to these men to tell you when SHE was no longer a virgin. Her team was completely wrong for even making this a part of her image when she started. The whole reason this even became a thing is because she clearly wanted to be raunchy and she was still a teen, she was the first teen who was this sexy so they didn't want to piss people off, make them think they were forcing her to be sexy, and to make her more relatable to other young girls (and their parents) who probably were too young to mimic her without causing offense. I think the shirt she wore back in the day: "I'm a virgin but this is an old shirt" says it all. I'm a fan of Justin but for the record he admitted he lost his virginity when he was 14 and no one is up in arms about it so I doubt he really cared if she was or wasn't. He was being such a twat during the CMAR phase in his career that he probably only said he took her virginity to piss off her team because like I said that whole she's a virgin shit was on her PR team mostly.
  13. Will Physical Album Sales Ever Improve?

    Numbers have been declining for years that's nothing new. No the sales won't drastically improve. The only way that happens is if music can no longer be downloaded (legally and illegally) or streamed and sales of CD player and CD player equipped devices increase. Things change all the time. It's up to the industry to figure out how they respond to the shifts.
  14. Mystic Man remastered

    Am I the only one who never really liked this song? I like the intent and everything but her vocals were all over the place. I know she only did it that one time on tour and it was a rough but it sounds like she needed to work with someone else to tell her how she should have sung it. I think it would be better if she sung it like how she did on stronger or liar.
  15. New Instagram Post!!! (Sept.26th)

    She didn't even look that bad honestly, neither of them did. It wasn't the best makeup or hair but she's clearly at the 'don't care that much' stage in her life so it's whatever. People just don't like her is all. She has had a lot of success in her career post 2007 and they know this. It's just that she doesn't seem to play the game the same way other artists do, she doesn't dress the best, she doesn't hang out with other famous people, she is not tryna make waves, she basically stays in her lane and they clown her because they either feel like she's not talented or they don't understand her so they make fun. She never claps back so they keep at it. One day I hope she gets a bit more respect but since she's seen the fame game at its worst she probably has little to no interest in impressing non-fans because it's pointless.