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  1. Pitbull collab this summer?

    He did say when the studio behind fast and the furious decided to go with camilla over her for that song, britney told him not to worry about it because she was sure they'd get the chance to work together at another point. It would not surprise me.
  2. Britney and Sam Broke Up???

    She still has posts with him on her IG. Doubtful that she broke up with him.

    Umm... I actually like Demi tho she does seem a bit troubled on the low. She fits more with Christina in my eyes. Why do you think its Britney? Since she's worked with her already on x-factor I doubt she would "someone i've always looked up to" because that sounds a bit distant. I would tweet "someone who relate to or someone from my past or someone whose footsteps i've walked in" if it were definitely brit. I do think her suprise has something to do with either Nyc, apple music, or snow white because she keeps dropping that apple emoji on her posts.
  4. Yeah i didnt like what i saw of the original clips. 1. She looks great in the glitter but she was in a cage. 2. While her dancers are gorg, she was gonna catch heat for featuring them objectively 3. It doesn't fit the song, and this is most important. If I were them I would have chosen an entirely different concept for this. Like a forbidden love storyline but more like a tongue in cheek take on a romance novel or movie, and she could have played up the empowering angle she was going for by making fun of the genre of romance. Maybe like a 50 shades of Grey parody.
  5. So she's like a sex animal? Idk if I'm ok with that imagery.
  6. I would like to see her do a house tour for HGTV. Her place looks massive!
  7. Makes sense. If she's comfortable and she getting paid why not? I'm more concerned about the new music than the residency. She's hitting a major milestone in her career, I hope they honor it as best they can. Imagine if the new music was just a re-recorded BOMT release and the song went #1, that would be amazing!
  8. What do you think will happen 2018?

    Well we know she posed for Elle right? That most likely means she has something to promote. She will probably drop a couple of songs, probably feature on someone else's song. I assume at least 1 award show apperance later on this year. And she will be in Europe. Maybe she will start B10 later on too but I hope she does release a new remix album of her greatest hits (with new vocals on at least 1 of the tracks).
  9. My coworker won best Christmas gift already.

    I remember those clips. McDonald's had this partnership where they had these clips and the players that came along with them. Brit and Nsync were apart of along with some others. They also had a joint cd single release with Bye Bye Bye and OIDIA and some dope ass remixes for both plus some deep cuts including "Heart" by Brit. Such a throw back, I'm shook for u! Keep that! It might be a collectors item in the future.
  10. If she does another residency she would put time in between. Plus Gaga just announced hers so they probably dont want to over saturate since her and Brit basically have overlapping audiences.
  11. Oh God... Is this real?

    Thats her being signed. And she missed doing anything for that anniversary so obvious the more significant one would be the single or album release.
  12. I dont know why they keep this story coming back every time she's with a new man. At least add some new flavor to it. If she actually does want another baby and she can have one then it will happen with whoever when the timing is right. Her new man seems like a nice dude but he is also young so unless he also wants kids too this is complete garbage.
  13. Oh God... Is this real?

    BOMT the single came out in like September or October of 1998 and the album dropped 1/12/1999. I wonder which date is more significant to her 20th anniversary?
  14. Agreed. Brit with a rock edge is always great.
  15. Rumor: Justin Bieber's New Single "Here For It" Will Feature Britney?!!

    Fuck Justin Bieber. If she wants to go urban just go with an actual urban peformer. Not that hard. Not that complicated.