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  1. You're definitely not alone! I think if the one he have had the dance scenes of the original (or any at all) it would have been a perfect video.
  2. The more I hear of this original video the more I'm glad they scrapped it. Britney's always been classy sexy this sounds like straight up trash and I'm not here for it.
  3. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    I doubt it.
  4. Wedding comming soon, babies..

    You mean the ring/s she always wears?
  5. Acting in something that isn't comedy
  6. I understand fans who can't make it to Vegas, I live in the states and still can't. But I also see it from Britney's point of view and how much more beneficial it is to her, it's why I will always support her being in Vegas.
  7. I've said many, many times I don't see Britney leaving Vegas completely. It makes perfect sense that she will eventually go back. I'm excited to see a brand new show, excited for new music.
  8. can anyone relate to this

  9. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    I was ignoring you until you quoted me
  10. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    That's how I feel everytime I try to read your nonsense comments.
  11. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    Preach it! Being a fan of someone and following their life for years doesn't mean we actually know that person personally. We know what Britney allows us to see and that's it. Have opinions about her life and the people in it all you want to, but to bring that shit to them personally is so wrong.
  12. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    I would have blocked you too for spouting off nonsense you know nothing about.
  13. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    He's so proud of Britney and I feel it comes from a genuine place, not one of self importance or gain. And I think it's adorable. I really like them together.
  14. Videos Of Britney's #RockinEve2018 Performances!!! #BRITNEYXRockinEve

    If all anyone can mention is Britney lip syncing you know girlfriend did good. These performances were AMAZING, and I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store.
  15. THANK YOU. And they even assured us the show was "consistently being filmed" I'm sure they have plenty of footage to put together something for fans.