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  1. Focus On Me Is Coming Soon

    This song slays
  2. Everybody An Insider!

  3. Do You Like The Pretty Girls Mv?

    It's okay, I like Britney's scenes but everytime I'm really enjoying it Iggy shows up again. My favorite part was when Britney started the first verse in her house. I'd say it's better than Perfume but not as good as Work Bitch IMO
  4. Pretty Girls Mv Preview Leaks!

    Iggy looks vile and atrocious as always but Godney is slaying, yas
  5. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    That shirt is so cool! Where'd you get it?
  6. Have You Seen This?

    This is cute but Max Martin kinda creeps me out
  7. I Got Accepted Into A Manic Depression Program!

  8. Clear Hqish Pretty Girls Clip!

    I like it, way better than the chorus snippet we got. Its hard to tell but it sounds closer to FF/Circus eras of processed than BJ thrown together vocal processing
  9. Pretty Girls Chorus !

    Terrible, having Iggy on the chorus was a fucking horrible idea
  10. Blackout Era Designs

  11. Blackout Era Designs

    Hi, I've been fooling around in Photoshop manipulating things for the past few days. A lot of the stuff is repurposed from one pic to the next but I really love them and I'm gonna be branching out to some other pics soon (It's hard finding large HQ pics)
  12. main page Britney Slams Through A Glass Door

    Better choreo than Femme Fatale tour
  13. Update On Piece Of Me Vip Packages

    Tru, I don't necessarily know that she's directly behind pricing but from what I understand nowadays she doesn't seem to like M&Gs much and if I had to do that every night I'd prob wanna be paid more too
  14. Britneyspearsremix.com?

    It got taken down? Damn