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  1. " The flawless Bradley Stern " who can't even leak the shit he brags about having all to himself..
  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your sig! omg Britney and Marina is everything to me!
  3. Jamie Lynn Spears' New Single is Titled 'Sleepover'

    chillin' wit u at the slumber party sleepover tbh
  4. American Dream help

    Indeed it seems fixed now though But lol, mine too..
  5. American Dream help

    Their twitter just confirmed the servers were down, so that's what's been bugging people I just assumed that's what the OP was experiencing as I saw it a lot on twitter and stuff.
  6. American Dream help

    It worked fine till the servers were down now, I was just saying this problem had nothing to do with old files since the problem was there for people who only just got the game and therefor had no old files on their device.
  7. American Dream help

    But how can old files be on your phone if old versions were never installed on the phone to begin with? When I got the game, it was the current version, so no update=no old files.
  8. American Dream help

    The problem is there for people who have the newest version as the first install on their phone like me, so it can't be left over files on the phone.
  9. American Dream help

    It's a server error nothing you can do..
  10. Brightest Morning Star Stems!

    Sort of.. It's a weird chorus consisting of 8 people singing it.. Britney's track kinda drowns in the other 7 people's track, but I think it was kinda intended to give it that churchy kinda sing-a-long vibe.. But yes, there's is a track consisting solely of Brit..
  11. Brightest Morning Star Stems!

    That's not the lead track FYI..
  12. I Guess I Can Make A Trade List Now... I Think.

    The pressing had two editons, just different casing.. It was from Korea.. Although I could buy both editions here in Denmark lol.. Only bought one as I was like 14 and had no money, and then it was gone.. I'm in bed rn, but I'll look at your list from your thread when I'm at my computer sometime!
  13. I Guess I Can Make A Trade List Now... I Think.

    Fun fact.. The TV track actually has an official release, along with one of Oops' TV tracks (It has two different ones) and Lucky or DLBTLTK, can't remember which, but I have it..
  14. Trade With Me

    omg.. I'd love the simple motions acapella.. I only have the inst, lol
  15. Marina Spilling The Truth Tea About M&g

    Slay Marina!! She better pick me tho...